Telegram Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Telegram.

Applications that support Telegram actions:


Interface to connect to Telegram

Telegram Integration

To use tracking options offered in Join Channel/Group action, you must first enable Telegram integration on your Site.

Telegram Entry

Gleam supports the ability to login with Telegram as an action type.

This means you can open up a Competition to any Telegram user, simply add it as an action type & once they login via Telegram they will get an entry.

Admin View

Admin view of Telegram Entry Action for

Public View

Join Channel/Group

Gleam supports the ability to join a Telegram Channel/Group as an action type.

Admin View

Admin view of Join Telegram Channel/Group Action for

For Public Groups, Public Channels & Private Channels: You can find the Share link for your Telegram channel under Info in Telegram.

Telegram share link on Info screen

For Private Groups: You can find the Invite link for your Telegram group under Info > Edit > Invite Links in Telegram.

Telegram invite link on Info screen

Tracking Options

On the Business plan and above, you can add your own bot to our Telegram integration to verify Telegram-related entries.

The bot will check if an entrant has joined the specified Channel or Group on Telegram before awarding entries.

To enable tracking options:

  1. Select 'Check follow status'
  2. Create a Telegram integration
  3. Add your Telegram bot to the specified Channel or Group as an admin.
Admin view of Join Telegram Channel/Group Action for

Public View

View Post on Telegram

View Post allows you to ask users to view a specific message from your Telegram channel or group.

Admin View

Admin view of View Telegram Post Action for

The message must be public for this action type to work.

Right click on the message you want to use in Telegram and click Copy message link.

Post Widget Customisation

On the Pro plan and above, you can configure the appearance of your Telegram message:

  • Author Photo: Option to Show or Hide your profile photo
  • Accent color (optional): Customise the link colour in your Telegram message
  • Widget Theme: The Light theme is enabled by default

Here are some examples:

Telegram message in dark mode, green accent color, without author photo Telegram message in light mode, orange accent color, with author photo

Public View


How can I find my Chat ID?

Tracking for private Telegram Groups require a Chat Identifier which you can find using the following options:

  1. Add @GetIDsBot (this is a third-party bot) to your private Group.
  2. Once the bot is added to your Group, you will see some raw data coming through your chat:
Telegram Bot Raw's information log

Copy the value (it's the number which starts with a -) and paste it into the Chat ID field.

You can remove this bot from the group afterwards.

Another alternative is available for Telegram Web Z users. When your private Group is selected on the browser app, the link that appears in the browser address bar will contain your chat ID:

Can't see the link? You might have to switch from K version to Z version from the kebab menu in the sidebar:

Switch to Z version on the Telegram web interface

Someone is posing as my Telegram channel/group, what should I do?

Telegram advises their users to send a message to their @NoToScam bot.

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