Twitch Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Twitch.

Applications that support Twitch actions:

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Twitch Entry

Gleam supports the ability to login with Twitch as an action type.

This means you can open up a competition to any Twitch user, simply add it as an action type & once they login via Twitch they will get an entry.

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Follow a Channel

Gleam supports the ability to follow any channel on Twitch as an action type.

This allows you to increase your channel followers via competitions. Gleam will automatically follow the channel on behalf of the user once they authenticate via the widget.

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Subscriber Entry

This action allows you to run Subscriber only campaigns to reward loyal users on Twitch, it will validate if a user is currently a subscriber of your channel.

Free Entry Alternative

Please note that certain countries have No Purchase Necessary laws that require sweepstakes & giveaways to offer a free alternative to entry methods that require a purchase.

You can automatically add a free entry alternative to your Subscribe action by selecting 'A purchase or donation is required for users to complete this Action'.

The free entry alternative will only appear to entrants in countries where it is legally required.

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Twitch Competition Example

Known Twitch Issues

401 Errors on Login

This particular error has been happening more over the last few weeks, we've logged several tickets with Twitch on Github with no response currently.

When a user is trying to authenticate with their Twitch account on occassion Twitch will fail to pass through the correct authentication parameter to us, this means the login will error out.

Usually retrying again will fix it.

API Downtime

Occassionally the Twitch API may go down (502 errors), which will prevent us from completing actions. In this scenario we will prompt users to try again later.