Typeform Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Typeform.

Applications that support Typeform actions:

To enable Typeform actions you must first go to Settings > Integrations:

Connect your Typeform account to Gleam

Follow the instructions to authenticate your Typeform account:

Authenticate your Typeform account

Typeform is a platform for creating beautiful forms and surveys. Gleam allows you to verify completion of these surveys as part of an entry into a Competition or when redeeming a Reward.

Create an email field in your Typeform to verify completion

To verify that the entrant has completed your Typeform, we check the Typeform submissions for an email address. Please make sure your users enter a matching email address

The admin is fairly easy to setup for this action, just make sure you have first followed the step above to enable the Typeform integration in your Settings.

Once you add a Typeform action to your campaign you can give it a Title, then enter the public URL of the Typeform you want to verify against.

You can find the Public URL under: Edit Typeform > Distribute > Share Your Typeform

For the text and button you can fill in whatever you want here. Please remember to be specific, also remember that the user needs to come back to Gleam after completing the form to click Continue to verify the completion.


The Click Here button will automatically update to the correct Typeform link when you save the campaign. You are free to change the text on the button.

Create a button to link entrants to your Typeform

When users are completing the action we let them see their logged in email address so they can complete the Typeform with the same email. Failure to do this will prevent us from validating the completion of the Typeform.

You must be collecting Email Addresses in your Typeform. Otherwise we will have no way to verify that the Typeform has been completed.

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