Look & Feel (Content) Tab

The Content tab allows you to control the appearance and behaviour of all the content inside your Gallery.

Before a user interacts with any of the items in your Gallery they sit naturally in a preview state on the page.

Customise the margin between your Gleam Gallery items

This section allows you to configure how the Gallery items look:

  • Spacing: Set the px value of spacing between the Gallery previews
  • Body Margin: The Gallery has a natural 15px margin around the edges, easily configure this or remove it completely
  • Border Radius: Give the previews a border radius or make them square
  • Width: Choose from Small, Medium or Large preview widths
  • Square Media: This option allows you to make all the items in your Gallery square for consistency
  • Normalize Media Height: Allows you to force all items in your Gallery to have a consistent height
  • Show User Info: Allows you to show the profile photo and name of the uploader
  • Show Description on Hover: Show the description or caption of the Gallery item on hover
  • Show Source Icon on Hover: Show the source of the Gallery item (i.e. Instagram or Twitter)

Highlighting allows you to feature one of the items in your Gallery at regular intervals. This feature can really help give your Gallery more vibrancy.

Randomly highlight Gleam Gallery items with the highlighting feature

Using highlighting will automatically enable the Normalize Media Height option so that the media looks consistent.

Carousel mode allows you to display your Gallery items in a horizontal scrollable carousel instead of a grid. This is fantastic for putting on your homepage or specific product pages.

Custom Columns is a Premium feature that allows you to fully customise how many columns show at very specific screen sizes.

Customise how many columns appear in your Gallery depending on user's screen size

This can be useful if you want to show 4 columns on a TV, but only show 1 column if a customer views the Gallery on a mobile device.

Supported resolution ranges:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • Laptop
  • Desktop / TV
  • 2K Display

Set a custom background colour for the entire Gallery or even upload a background image using this section.

Custom background in a Gleam Gallery

The background image will automatically scale to fit the width of the users device or embedded page.

The popout section allows you to configure how your Gallery item looks once it's clicked by the user to view.

Individual Gallery item popped out within the Gallery

It features a number of options:

  • Border Radius: Give your popout rounded borders
  • Enable Sharing: Enable the ability for users to share Gallery items
  • Show User Info: Show or hide the profile photo and name of the uploader
  • Show Source Icon: Show or hide the source of the Gallery item
  • Show Description: Show or hide the description of the Gallery item
  • Enable Voting: Enable the ability for users to vote on Gallery items

We also offer a narrower vertical layout which can be forced by enabling the Vertical Layout option.

Display individual items in a vertical layout

This option allows you to give the popout a specific background colour when in an opened state. You can also set opacity and change the colours depending on mobile or desktop.

When the Gallery is embedded in a page it'll show 64 Gallery items before displaying a Load More button. This is to prevent the Gallery completely taking over the page and showing everything at once.

Load more button in a Gleam Gallery

You can configure text, colour and also appearance of the Load More button in this section.


The Advanced tab allows you to control how many items show before the Load More button shows, or if it even shows at all.

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Advanced Settings

The Advanced tab contains a number of additional features for users on the Business plan or higher.