Galleries, elegant visual marketing for brands and businesses

Welcome to our Galleries app 👋

Whether you want to run a #hashtag campaign, display user generated content on your site or show off beautiful imagery from your community, Galleries from Gleam is the perfect solution for your business.

Gallery Uses

Social Galleries are a fantastic way to provide a visual feed for your customers or clients. Social proof is a strong way to show users how your product or service is used by real people.

Gallery on website

Galleries can be fed with photos or videos from a range of sources including #hashtags, Facebook posts or you can even link a Gallery to a Competition or Reward.

Gallery on website

Some of the common ways our customers use Gallery include:

  • Embed a feed of social content from various sources on your website
  • Show on a screen a feed of customers using your product and then tagging it with a specific #hashtag
  • Collect and show user generated content from contests or social networks
  • Bring various social accounts together into one feed and display it at an event
  • Allows users to view, vote and share photos from your social feeds
  • Running a photo contest

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