Gleam Hosted Landing Page

By default all Gleam campaigns have a responsive Hosted Landing Page that allows you to instantly send traffic to a page and let users enter your campaign.

This can be useful for a number of reasons:

  • You don't have a website
  • You don't have the time or resources to build your own page
  • Your landing page isn't repsonsive
  • You want to execute a campaign quickly

How it Looks

This is what the landing page will look like (minus the Feature Image depending on your plan):



The Gleam default gradient background will remain the same always until you override it (more on that below).

Site Settings

Using the Site Settings tab in the sidebar you can configure a number of default settings that get automatically applied to your campaigns:

Campaign Install Options > Landing Page Styling

Inside your campaign you can override any default using the following options:

Use Site Settings

By default we will automatically use your Site Settings (as explained in the previous section), if background color is left blank them the default gradient will be used.

Solid Background Color

Using this option you can change the background color inside each individual campaign:

Custom Background Image

Adding a Custom Background Image is a great way to make the Hosted Landing Page feel more branded, we'll take whatever image you upload and ensure it stretches across the entire screen.

We recommend using images that are more than 1280px wide and optimised for 500kb size or less

Feature Image Blur

This option allows you to quickly turn your Feature Image into a beautiful blurred background image for your Hosted Landing Page.

This feature won't always look great as it depends on the Feature Image you use, so we recommend checking and amending as necessary