Zapier Integration

Gleam integrates directly with Zapier, allowing you to send Subscriber data to any of Zapier's supported apps.

Integrating Zapier

You can enable Zapier Integration on the Pro plan & above. Simply navigate to Settings > Integrations then turn on Zapier.

You must have a Subscribe to Newsletter action in your campaign for Zapier to sync. This is the only action we support currently.

To add the integration to your Subscribe to Newsletter action, select 'Add Email Integration' when setting up your Competition.

Gleam automaticaly generates Auth Key for Zapier. You need to copy it, save integration, and paste it into API Key field when creating a Zap.

Creating A Zap Walkthrough

As we get more users using Zapier no doubt there'll be more Zap templates for you to use. This guide shows you how to create a basic Zap that will send Subscriber data to Mailchimp.

Step 1

Click the 'Make a Zap!' button on the Zapier Dashboard.

Step 2

Choose the app from the 'Choose a Trigger App' dropdown.

Step 3

Choose your Trigger, the only one available currently is 'New Subscriber' which triggers when someone completes the Subscribe action.

Step 4

Click 'Connect New Account' to connect Zapier to Gleam.

Step 5

Go to your Settings > Integrations inside Gleam or into the Subscribe action on your campaign and grab the Gleam Zapier Auth Key.

Step 6

Choose your Site with the Zapier integration enabled then choose your campaign. The Campaign must have a Subscribe action added to it.

Step 7

In this step you can either test the Integration or choose to Skip it. In order to test it you must have already sent a Test Subscribe via the Gleam campaign after enabling the Zapier integration.

Step 8

Now the fun starts, you can choose which app you'd like to send data to. In this case we're going to choose Mailchimp.

Step 9

Choose the Mailchimp action that you want to use, in this example we're going to select 'Add/Update Subscriber'

Step 10

Next you need to match up the various Gleam fields with the Mailchimp fields.

Step 11

Once you've done that you just need to test your Zap, give it a name then turn it on!