Coupon Setup

Coupons is part of our Rewards app ๐Ÿ‘‹

This is a comprehensive guide to helping you get started with your first coupon campaign.

Coupons Overview

Coupons are an important marketing tool to drive sales & improve conversion rates. The Gleam coupon widget allows you to drive more onsite & social activity from users before redeeming coupons, the benefits are that you:

  • Retain users on your own site (rather than going to coupon websites)
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase social metrics
  • Get customer feedback
  • Syndicate coupon with publishers & bloggers

Coupon Widget

The coupon widget is the core part of Gleam that your customers will be exposed to, it allows you to directly communicate to your users how you'd like them to unlock your discount - along with what the discount actually is.

Before Actions Are Completed

Gleam widget shown before actions completed
  1. Title of your coupon, configurable during setup.
  2. Feature image for the coupon, you can create this yourself or use the basic template.
  3. Description, if this is left blank we auto generate based on the number of actions needed to unlock.
  4. Unlock actions, what do you want your users to do to unlock the coupon code.
  5. Unlock status, if still locked we'll show the users how many more actions they need before the coupon will be unlocked.

After Actions Are Completed

Gleam widget shown after actions completed

If Post Redeem Email Is Enabled

Gleam post redeem email

Creating a Coupon Reward

To create a coupon reward you will first need to add a site. Each site has access to our apps & you can switch between your sites using the site navigation dropdown in the left menu.

It is not recommended to run rewards from different websites under the same site, if you do this you will get users getting notifications for rewards that they have never seen before.

To create a new reward do the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are on the correct site
  2. Click on the rewards tab in the left navigation
  3. Click on the New Reward button on the top right

Reward Settings

Once you start a new reward you are taken to the settings page:

Gleam interface showing settings page
  • Reward Name: This is a name that helps identify the reward. This doesn't appear in the widget at all, but may appear in any activation emails the customer receives.
  • Start/End Date: Use our easy date picker to set custom start & end dates for your reward. Clicking the green time icon will allow more granular time settings by hours/minutes.
  • Timezone: This is important to ensure the reward runs in the specific timezone. Not as important with rewards, but the option is there.
  • Allowed Locations: By default your reward will be available to anyone in the world, you can restrict redemptions to specific countries using this setting.

If a user views a competition that is country restricted this is what they will see:

Adding Redemption Methods

We currently support a range of entry methods that all have specific documentation on the left. You will need to find a balance of what you are asking a user to do versus what you are giving them to redeem.

Simply select one of the supported actions from the list:

Gleam interface showing redemption methods

You can easily reorder the actions by dragging & dropping:

Gleam interface showing redemption methods being reordered

Adding Coupons & Branding

Once you've created all of your redemption methods you can now add your coupons into Gleam.

Gleam interface showing adding coupon
  1. Name / Title: This will appear in the header of your coupon when they load it. So try to make it as descriptive about the discount as possible (i.e. 10% Off Your Order).
  2. Actions Required: The last option allows you to choose how many actions are required to unlock the reward. Just remember that more actions will reduce conversion rates.
  3. Description: You can choose to either leave this blank & have us auto generate it based on the number of actions needed to unlock. Or you can write a description in here.
  4. Image: Just like competitions you can add any image to the rewards, 540px wide will fill up the entire widget (as seen in the screenshots below).
  5. Coupon Codes: If you add 1 code here then all users will see this. You can choose to comma separate unique codes if you wish (so each users gets a completely unique code).
  6. Number of Claims: This is important, it allows you to set how many coupons you want to give away. If you leave this set at 1 then the reward will expire after 1 redemption.

Feature Images

Adding Feature Images to your reward allow you to add visual appeal:

Feature Image Slider

On Business plans and above you can upload up to 5 images to your Prize area in a slideshow format.

Gleam interface showing feature image uploads

The slider is set to automatically switch between the Prize images or users are free to move backwards anf forwards using the forward/back arrows:

Reward Installation Methods

There's a few ways that you can install your reward:

Run in a Tab

This is the most common way to expose users to the offer, you can run a tab across your entire site that's is activated by the user clicking on it.

There's two options currently for your tab, you can choose our own default design or you can upload your own image. You can then choose which location on the page you want the tab to appear.

Example of Tab

Gleam tab on website

When Clicked

Gleam widget on website once tab clicked

Embed in a Page

Gleam widget embedded on website

Hosted Landing Page

Gleam widget on landing page

Adding to a URL on Your Own Site

If you have already setup your Hosted Landing Page like above you can mirror this page onto any URL on your own website using iFrames.

You can follow the specific Adding to a Page Guide here.

Coupon Tips & Tricks

Auto Loading Coupons

If you choose the tab installation method by default the user has to click the tab in order for the coupon to load. However you can send users to a URL with a special gleam hashtag to auto load the coupon on entry.

Note agency plan users have the ability to set their own custom hashtag.

Number of Actions

Play around with the number of actions required to unlock a specific coupon, generally we see conversion rates decrease progressively the more actions you add. But it also depends on the value of the reward.