Can I Ask for Payment to Enter a Competition?

To ask for payment in your Competition, beware of any anti-lottery or No Purchase Necessary laws in your country before proceeding.

It depends on your country, and what kind of campaign you are running. We have a comprehensive guide which covers No Purchase Necessary laws around the world, so be sure to read that before you award entries for paid actions in a Competition campaign.


To prevent violation of anti-lottery or No Purchase Necessary laws in your country of operation, we recommend you consult with a lawyer before proceeding.

If you already know what you're doing, here are the instructions for setting up a paid action:

  1. Create a new Competition
  2. In the How to enter tab, insert a Custom Action.
  3. Create a link or button in the action description with payment instructions
  4. For verification, you can manually verify the purchase by asking for a receipt ID/email address
  5. Another option for verification is to set up Custom Action Tracking so that payments are verified automatically
  6. To set up a free entry alternative, check the A purchase or donation is required for users to complete this Action statement.

You can customise the number of entries awarded to each purchase completed. Users claiming a free entry alternative will receive the same number of entries configured.

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