What Languages Do You Support?

We currently support 26 different languages for the display text on your campaign widget.

The Gleam platform is written entirely in English, however we do provide translated versions of the Gleam Competitions widget on the Pro plan and above.

We currently support 28 different languages:

Here is what the widget look like in Spanish:

Only fixed text in actions will be translated. Text fields that you can customise yourself will always be in English unless you add your own text in a different language.

Competition Action Translation

For example, our YouTube Visit action will automatically translate into your chosen language while actions that require you to provide an action title yourself will not.

How Do I Translate Or Change Widget Language?

You can change the widget's display language on the Setup tab during campaign setup.

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If you require a language that isn't currently supported, an option is to override the text displayed on the widget based on a list of keys. This feature is available on the Business plan or above. Refer here for our full list of text overrides in English.

Add Your Own Translations to Competitions Widget

Learn more about widget text overrides.

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Can I Partner with Gleam?

Have a look at our guide on running partner campaigns using Gleam, or partner with us and let's run contests & giveaways together.