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Take the pain out of building and deploying Mailchimp forms to your website with Gleam.

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Once you connect Mailchimp you can deploy any of these forms at the click of a button.

5 Minute Install

Just install one line of Javascript to you header and you're ready to go. You can make changes to forms on the fly giving you time to send beautiful Mailchimp campaigns.

Powerful Display Rules

Increase your conversion rates in Mailchimp by showing more relevant forms to users based on their attributes. The days of one form showing to everyone are over.

Connect Mailchimp

All you need to do is generate an API key inside Mailchimp and add it via our Integrations tab.


Our Mailchimp Integration

Here's just some of the benefits you'll get once you connect Mailchimp with Capture.

  • List Targeting

    Send different segments of users to different lists based on their behaviours (i.e. someone browsing women's clothing).

  • Segment Support

    We support Mailchimp's new Segments which enable you to build your list in a more targeted way.

  • GDPR Compliant

    We have support for Mailchimp's GDPR API fields so you can be sure you're staying compliant.

  • A/B Test Forms

    Pit one form against another to see who will be the ultimate champion!

  • Double Opt-in Support

    Enable double opt-in so every email address is verified before it gets integrated into your Mailchimp account.

  • Optimise Landing Pages

    See how certain forms perform on specific pages so you can optimise for peak performance.

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