Collect Reviews

Collect Reviews

Generate reviews on chosen platforms with stylish website calls to action.

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Positive reviews are one of the most impactful resources any business can have. They communicates the positives of your brand and products in an authentic, trustworthy way and give potential customers the confidence they need to follow through with a purchase.

But how can you encourage your satisfied customers to leave you a review and help generate positive word-of-mouth?

With this incredibly easy to use and fully customisable review call-to-action you can ask website visitors who have used your product or shopped with you before to leave you a review on a platform of choice in a friendly and unobtrusive way.

All you need to do is add a link to the review listing of your choice and customise the look of your call-to-action and you'll be ready to start generating incredibly valuable positive reviews.

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Customise Your Design

You can completely customise your popup’s size, text, images, colours and more. You can even completely revamp its look with different Layouts & Variations.

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Add Your Redirect Link

To send users to your chosen review platform when they click your call to action, you will need to configure your Capture's Redirect URL.

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Behavioural Rules & Triggers

You can use Gleam's Behavioural Rules to trigger your popup in the perfect place at the perfect time.

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Install Your Capture

Once you have finalised your popup you can install it in your website with a single line of Javascript.

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Collect Reviews Pro

Collect Reviews

Generate reviews on chosen platforms with stylish website calls to action.

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