Simple Trick to Increase YouTube Subscribers by 400%

Simple Trick to Increase YouTube Subscribers by 400%


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Stuart McKeown

If you have a YouTube channel you should be using this everytime you link to it.

Here at Gleam we’re always on the lookout for ways to help users grow the metrics that are important to them. YouTube is one of my favourite social networks, I personally think it has a long way to grow & really has a perfect model – content creators get paid to create awesome content.

The easiest way to get that content in front of more users is to either build an email list or grow the number of users that are subscribed to your channel.

This is what a typical YouTube channel or user page looks like when someone visits. Notice the subscribe button tucked away up in the top right corner.

Now this is the exact same subscribe page, with a slight difference. We’re sending users to this page using the following URL:

This small parameter at the end of your URL will show this popup to prompt your users to subscribe to your channel. On average this will improve your subscribe rate by over 400%.

This particular trick will only work on user pages or subscribe pages. So make sure you add it to any links on your website, when you share on social media or when you mention your YouTube channel in emails.

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