Introducing Facebook Mobile Tab Smart Links

Facebook Tabs don't work on mobile devices, but Gleam campaigns do.

This feature is being removed by Facebook and may not work on some pages. This is due to the deprecation of Page Tabs API on 14th December, 2022.

Running a contest or giveaway inside a tab on your Facebook page is a great way to drive participation from your Facebook audience by allowing them to enter your campaign and complete powerful actions without ever having to leave Facebook.

Run a giveaway in a Facebook tab

However, this can prove to be troublesome when you start using your Facebook posts to direct users to your contest tab. Facebook doesn't support tabs inside their mobile app, so users cicking a link to your tab from a mobile device will be met with a dreaded 404 page tab not found error message.

Mobile Facebook Page Unavailable

This is quite worrisome, as the overwhelming majority of Facebook usage comes from mobile devices, with over 75% of Facebooks 2.3 billion monthly active users accessing Facebook from mobile devices, and 50% of them doing so on a daily basis.

When you use Gleam you can easily install any campaign you run in a tab on your Facebook page.

Gleam Competitions Facebook Tab Installation

Whenever you install a Gleam campaign in a Facebook Page we will generate a special shortened smart link on your Preview tab.

Generate Smart Links For Your Gleam Competition

Instead of sharing the URL of your page tab and rendering mobile users unable to enter your contest you can share this smart link instead. Gleam's Facebook Smart Links will determine if the user is on a mobile device or not.

Desktop users will be taken to your Facebook tab as normal:

Gleam Giveaway in Facebook Tab

And mobile users will get redirected to a specific mobile optimised landing page:

Gleam Giveaway on Mobile

This makes it easy to promote your contest on Facebook without having to worry about a bunch of mobile users dropping off because they can't access your contest.

Learn More About Running a Facebook Contest

Find out more about running a Facebook contest that will engage your audience, raise awareness and grow your online following.

Install Galleries In Facebook Tabs

In addition to running powerful contests and giveaways, you can also use Gleam to build stylish photo Galleries which you can install in a Facebook and use to show off currated content from your own collection, fans all across social media, or even submissions from your own contests.

Install Gleam Galleries in Facebook Tab

Just like with Competitions, when you install a Gallery in a Facebook tab we will automatically generate a smart link which will enable you to share your Gallery so desktop users can view it in your tab, and mobile users can view it in a mobile optimized landing page.

Gleam Gallery on Mobile

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