Photo Contest Gallery

Photo Contest Gallery

Run photo contests with Gleam and display submissions in stylish galleries.

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Showcasing a curated collection of authentic, engaging photos from satisfied customers is an outstanding way to make your website more exciting and relatable while harnessing social proof to give visitors the confidence they need to make a purchase.

With Gleam, you can easily run photo contests on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to collect incredible user-generated content from your customer and showcase it in our stylish, customizable gallery widgets.

This is a highly effective way to boost activity in your online community, connect with potential new customers and generate tons of authentic, engaging content that will act as valuable social proof and help drive conversions.

You can even allow visitors to vote for their favorite submissions from your website which will add an additional layer of fun and help the most engaging submissions rise to the top of your feed.


Subscribe to our Business plan or higher to fully customize your gallery including a huge selection of fonts, gallery item ordering, custom CSS and so much more!

Running Photo Contests

With our Photo Contest template all you need to do is offer up an awesome prize and encourage your audience to create and submit their photos for a chance to win!

You can easily collect submissions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and offline files and even require participants to use a designated contest hashtag.

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Or learn more about running a photo contest here.


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Customize Your Gallery

You can completely customise your Photo Contest Gallery including the header, background, content styling, item ordering, and so much more.

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Import Photo Contest Submissions

You can easily import content into your Gallery from your Gleam photo contest by selecting to Import From Competition or Reward in your Gallery's Import tab.

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Curate Your Gallery

Once you have customized your Gallery and started importing content from your contest you can curate your Gallery by enabling moderation and choosing which submissions you want to showcase before they are accepted into your Gallery.

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Install Your Gallery

Once you have finalised your Gallery you can show it off on a hosted landing page or install it in your website.

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Photo Contest Gallery Pro

Photo Contest Gallery

Run photo contests with Gleam and display submissions in stylish galleries.

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