Bonus Actions

This documentation covers how Bonus Actions work. The benefits of this action type is that you can give users incentive to return every day, increasing user engagement.


Applications that support Bonus Actions:


Bonuses allow you to create a simple action that gives users bonus entries into your competition. This is a single click action, which you can choose to lock until users have completed a pre-determined number of other actions first.

Validation: Automatic

Using automatic entry when requiring login first will automatically complete any bonus actions.

Gleam interface showing locked bonus entry actions

Admin View

You can set how many actions must first be unlocked before a bonus entry can be completed. This is a great way to incentivize users to complete more actions.

Gleam interface showing admin view for bonus entry actions

Public View

Once logged in this is a simple 1 click to complete action, if you have it set to daily the user can return daily & click again to receive their entry.

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