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Steam Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Steam.

Applications that support Steam actions:


Any of the Steam actions in Gleam require the user to authenticate via the Steam app. They will see the following dialogue before they give access.

Enter With Steam

Gleam supports the ability to login with Steam as an action type.

This means you can open up a competition to any Steam user, simply add it as an action type & once they login via Steam they will get an entry.

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Play A Game

Gleam supports the ability to check if users have played a certain game on Steam as an action type.

This allows you to promote your game to users, and also award users who have played your game for a certain length of time with extra entries.

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Join A Group

Gleam supports the ability to check if users are members of a specific group on Steam Community as an action type.

This allows you drive more group signups or reward existing members of your group with entries.

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Known Steam Issues

Limited Profiles

In order to increase the quality of entrants (and reduce spam), businesses have the ability to restrict Limited Profiles on steam from completing certain actions.

We perform a number of checks to look at your profile and determine whether or not you are eligible to enter a campaign.

If you are seeing this error you will need to ensure that your Steam profile is not Limited and also ensure that your profile does not look like it is created just to redeem free keys or enter competitions.

Private Profiles

Steam limits access to the Web API for users with limited profiles. Users with limited profiles will not be able to complete certain actions and will see the error:

Sorry, we cannot check private profiles

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