Voting Tab

Enable the Voting feature on Gleam Galleries to allow visitors to vote for their favourite media items. This feature allows you to run voting contests where the most popular submission wins.

When you enable voting you have two options:

  • Allow Anonymous Votes: This allows users to vote without having to login to the Gallery and is based on IP/Session
  • Require Social Login: This forces users to login with Facebook in order to vote, this option is recommended

You can also choose to limit votes to within a specified Voting Date Range, or Include or Exclude Locations.

Configure your voting options during setup

You can also decide whether or not you want to publicly Show Vote Counts.

If you do opt to show vote counts a filter will be added to the Gallery which allows users to see the most popular, most recent, or random images.

Gallery's dropdown menu with sorting options

You also have the option to Hide Sorting and not display any filters, or customise the naming of each filter.

Give your sorting filters a custom name

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Look & Feel (Header) Tab

Making sure your Gallery looks the way you want it to is a huge part of the setup process. We offer a huge range of customisation inside the Gallery to help you engage your customers.