Mailjet Integration

With this integration you can connect our Subscribe to Newsletter action type to your Mailjet account to send leads over to any specified list in real-time.

You can enable Mailjet Integration on the Pro plan & above. Simply navigate to Settings > Integrations then turn on Mailjet.

Connect your Mailjet API Key & Secret to Gleam

You will need your API key which you can find in your Mailjet settings. You can also specify a default list to send contacts to, this can be overridden at a campaign level.

Before you can send subscribers to Mailjet the list must already exist in your Mailjet account. Once the list exists you can select it when setting up a Subscribe action.

Subscribe to a Newsletter action with Mailjet integration connected

In order to test if emails successfully send to Mailjet you need to do the following:

  • Have a competition created with a Subscribe action
  • Ensure that this action is linked to an existing list in Mailjet
  • Enter the action manually from your competition dashboard
  • The action will become invalidated (since we automatically invalidate admin actions)
  • Go to the Actions tab for that competition, then make your action valid
  • It should appear in Mailjet within a few minutes

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MailerLite Integration

Gleam allows you to integrate your campaigns with MailerLite, this includes sending users from Competitions, Rewards or Capture.