Silverpop Integration

Silverpop is an IBM application that allows businesses to send better emails and build relationships with their customers. Gleam is happy to help you build your customer list via our smart apps that integrate fully with Silverpop's capabilities.

Integrating Silverpop

You can enable the Silverpop integration on the Premium plan & above. Simply navigate to Settings > Integrations then turn on Silverpop.

To enable the Silverpop integration you will need to do the following:

  • The Silverpop instance number (i.e.
  • Your default List Name
  • You must create a new user under Settings > User Accounts, this user will only be accessed by Gleam to import contacts.
  • Enter the username and password of this new user

Sending Emails to Silverpop

Once you've activated your Silverpop integration within Gleam you will need to include a Subscribe action in your campaign.

This subscribe action can contain the name of the List you want to send subscribers to, please be aware that this list must exist within Silverpop already.

Testing Your Silverpop Integration

In order to test if emails successfully send to Silverpop you need to do the following:

  • Have a competition created with a Subscribe action
  • Ensure that this action is linked to an existing list in Silverpop
  • Enter the action manually from your competition dashboard
  • The action will become invalidated (since we automatically invalidate admin actions)
  • Go to the Actions tab for that competition, then make your action valid
  • It should appear in Silverpop within a few minutes