Vision6 Integration

If you're using Vision6 for all your email marketing needs, then you're in luck. Gleam integrates directly allowing you to send subscribers from your campaigns into your Vision6 lists.

You can enable Vision6 Integration on the Pro plan & above. Simply navigate to Settings > Integrations then turn on Vision6.

You will then need to add your API Endpoint URL, Vision6 API key & the list name that you would like the emails to sync to.

Connect your Vision6 API Endpoint URL & API Key to

Once you've activated your integration with Vision6 you can now use Subscribe actions to send mails to any list that you want.

Subscribe to a Newsletter Action with Vision6 Integration connected on

In order to test if emails successfully send to Vision6 you need to do the following:

  • Have a competition created with a Subscribe action
  • Ensure that this action is linked to an existing list in Vision6
  • Enter the action manually from your competition dashboard
  • The action will become invalidated (since we automatically invalidate admin actions)
  • Go to the Actions tab for that competition, then make your action valid
  • It should appear in Vision6 within a few minutes

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