How To Drive Amazon Sales With Gleam

We're going to show you some unconventional promotion tactics you can use with Gleam to increase your Amazon sales in 2022.

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and finding ways to stand out and drive sales on a consistent basis is a challenge that every seller must overcome.

When you think about ways to promote and drive sales for your Amazon store, paid ads and sponsored social media posts probably come to mind. But there are a ton of more creative and effective types of promotional campaigns you should consider running. We're going to show you a few.

With Gleam's awesome suite of business growth apps you can create and execute an array of exciting promotions that will engage your audience, drive meaningful user action and ultimately generate sales.

Let's take a look at a few of the best ways you can grow your Amazon store with Gleam:

Offering up valuable discounts is one of the best ways for any E-commerce business or retailer to drive instant sales and the same is true for Amazon sellers.

Amazon gives you a lot of great ways to create and customise valuable discounts, and with Gleam's powerful Rewards app you can create awesome promotions where you users can complete actions to unlock instant discounts.

This type of instant win campaign is a brilliant way to not only distribute valuable discounts and encourage sales, but also to use your discount as an incentive to drive customised actions that will benefit your long-term growth on Amazon. Take a look at this demo we put together to get a feel for what your Amazon Rewards campaign could look like:

  Use This Template

To help you execute your own powerful Rewards campaign and drive instant sales we're going to take you through every step of the process. Here's what we'll cover:

Before you can start distributing Amazon discounts with Gleam, you'll need to actually create an Amazon Promotion first. In Seller Central, navigate to the Promotions page under the Advertising tab and follow these simple steps:

Amazon's Seller Central > Advertising > Promotions

Before creating a promotion, you'll need to have a product selection for your promotions to be applied to. You can do this by going to the Product Selection tab and clicking on Create Product Selection.

Amazon's Seller Central > Promotions > Manage Product Selection > Create Product Selection

You'll need to populate your product selection with their respective identification . The easiest way to do this with an ASIN List. All you need to do is add the ASIN codes for each product you want to include.

Enter ASIN codes for Product Selection in Amazon Seller Central

You can find a product's ASIN code by scrolling down to the Product Details on each product's listing page.

Once you have a product selection, it's time to start set up a promotion. The first thing you'll need to do is head back to the Promotions tab and choose what type of promotion you want to create. Any of the following promotions will work fine with Gleam:

Percentage Off promotions are percentage-based discounts that allow users to make purchases from your product selection at a reduced price.

This is the recommended promotion because it's the most cost-effective to distribute.

Free Shipping promotions allow users to purchase designated products without paying for shipping. This type of discount can be great for running location-specific promotions, or if you want to target a specific geographic audience.

With Buy One Get One promotions you can offer customers an additional product free of charge when they make a purchase. This can be a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and drive more purchases, you just need to make sure you have enough products in your inventory that you're willing to give away.

When you set up your promotions one crucial step is creating your claim codes.

An Amazon claim code is simply a code that users must enter at checkout in order to receive their discount. You can choose to distribute your discount via single-use or group claim codes.

A single-use claim code is a code that can only be redeemed once. This means that once a customer has redeemed the claim code, it will no longer work for the next customer.

A group claim code is a single code that can be redeemed by any user until a pre-configured redeem limit has been reached.


Claim codes are not to be confused with Amazon Coupons which are a different kind of Advertising method meant to drive internal traffic.

Once your promotion is created, you'll need to add the claim codes to your Gleam campaign for distribution.

If you're using a single group claim code to offer discounts then this is simple, but if you're distributing unique single-use claim codes, then you're better off exporting them into a list.

To export your claim codes, head to your promotion and click on manage claim codes. Click on Download for the promotion you have just created. You'll need this .txt file for adding to your Gleam campaign later.

Download claim codes under 'Manage Claim Codes' in Amazon Seller Central

Social Media Promo Codes are a special type of promotional discount you can offer on Amazon that doesn't need to be redeemed with a claim code.

Social Media Promo Codes are a unique type of Amazon promotion that allows you to offer users a percentage-based discount that they can access via a unique promotion landing page that you direct the user to.

From this page customers are able to add your promotion's focal product to their shopping cart with the discount automatically applied.

Once the user is on this page, they can add your product to their shopping cart and the discount will automatically be applied. These types of promotions are exceptional for driving external traffic to your product listings.


By default, Social Media Promo Code promotions are shared on Amazon's Associate Central where associates or influencers can pick a relevant promotion to create content for. If you would prefer not to disclose your promotion to Amazon's associates or influencers, remember to opt-out when you are creating the promotion. For more information, visit Amazon's documentation

Once you've set up your Amazon promotion it's time to distribute your discount with potential customers using Gleam.

With Gleam Rewards you can use your Amazon discounts to incentivise an array of powerful actions that will help you promote your products, connect with potential new customers, grow your online following and drive long-term growth.

Just take a look at this demo we put together:

  Use This Template

Rewards campaigns allow you to lock your discounts until users have completed a designated number of actions. You may want to simply task users with signing up to your mailing list to unlock a discount, or you can take things a step further and require them to complete multiple actions to unlock your discount.

Here are some of the best actions you can drive with Gleam:

One of the best ways you can get users to unlock your discount is by subscribing to your mailing list. This is a low-effort action that users can easily complete and is a great way for you to maintain contact with high-value leads.

With Gleam's Visit a Page action you can allow users to unlock a discount by visiting your Amazon store. This is a great way to expose them to your product and get them inside your store so when they do get their hands on a discount they're ready to make an instant purchase.

To make it more eye-catching, you can even customise your visit action so it is displayed with Amazon's icon and its familiar orange colour.

Gleam also offers a variety of social media actions which are a great way to grow your online presence, boost your following and connect with relevant new users.

With Gleam you can drive Twitter follows, tweets and retweets as well as visits on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

A particularly powerful type of Rewards campaign you can run to distribute discounts, generate sales and drive a ton of meaningful actions is a multi-tiered campaign where users can complete more actions to unlock more valuable discounts.

Offering up larger and larger discounts is a brilliant way to get users to keep completing actions and moving them closer and closer to making a purchase. Take a look at our demo to get a feel of the functionality:

  Use This Template

You can easily build your own multi-tiered Rewards with Gleam by using our Coupon actions to create each discount tier and locking each tier until users have completed the appropriate amount of actions.

Admin view of tiered Coupon actions in Gleam Rewards campaign

Running this type of campaign involves giving out multiple claim codes and as a result, you'll need to create multiple promotions on Amazon. Perhaps the best way to do this is by offering up increasingly valuable percentage off discounts, but feel free to get creative here and add some free shipping or buy one get one promotions to the mix.

How to create tiered rewards
Learn More About Tiered Rewards

Learn everything you need to know about creating your own tiered Reward with Gleam!

When you run a Rewards campaign you can instantly offer users their claim codes as soon as they complete your actions.

Amazon discount campaign with coupon code unlocked

In addition to this, you can also send users their claim codes through Gleam's Redemption Email. Just make sure you tick Capture User Details in the User Details tab to collect the user's email before redemption. Otherwise, we will not be able to mail out their claim code.

Redemption email for Gleam Rewards campaign

When you use Gleam to distribute your Amazon discounts you'll need to add your claim codes to your campaign in the Reward tab of your Rewards setup.

If you're giving out claim codes you'll need to select Coupon Code under Reward Type and add your code(s) under Coupons.

If you're using a group claim code then you can select Enter, add your code, and enter the Number of Claims which is essentially how many users will be able to unlock your discount before it runs out.

Enter a single Group Claim Code in Gleam Rewards setup

If you're using single-use claim codes then you can export them as a .txt file as we outlined above, select Upload a list under Coupons and upload your list of claim codes.

Enter multiple Claim Codes in Gleam Rewards setup

If you're distributing social media promo codes then you'll need to choose Redirect or Link under Reward Type.

All you need to do is enter the link to your Social Media Promo Code promotion in the Code/Link(s) section to direct users to your special promotion page as soon as they've completed your required actions.

Enter Amazon's Social Media Promo Code link into Gleam Rewards as a Reward

When you run a Rewards campaign with Gleam you will not only be able to drive powerful actions and instantly give out Amazon discounts, you'll also be able to direct entrants right to your Amazon store to drive immediate sales while the awesome discount is still fresh in their mind.

Here are a few different ways you can do this:

With Gleam's Visit a Page action you can get users to visit your Amazon store to unlock your promotion code or work towards unlocking your promotion code.

This is a great way to familiarise entrants with your product and put them in a purchasing mindset immediately before giving them a discount.

Something you should be aware of is that having a lot of visitors arriving at your product and not making a purchase can lower your conversion rates and potentially harm your internal product ranking, so it can be a good idea to lock visit actions until users have completed a few more actions to get them in a purchasing mindset before they go to your store.

If you're offering discounts via social media promo codes then you can easily use the Redirect or Link Reward Types to take users right to your special promotional landing page to make a discounted purchase as soon as they've completed your entry actions.

You can also direct users to your product listing by sending them a Custom Redemption Email after they've unlocked your discount.

Customised redemption email for Gleam Rewards campaign

Just make sure you tick Capture User Details in the User Details tab so you can capture the user's email during the redemption phase.

Then, you'll want to include a link to your product listing in the custom email.

Once your campaign is up and running you have two fantastic options for where you want to host your Rewards campaign:

If you have your own e-commerce website then you can easily embed the Gleam widget.

Gleam campaign widget embedded on an E-commerce website

It's a good idea to set up a dedicated landing page on your website to drive traffic to.

If you don't have your own website, or would rather host your campaign on an external landing page to help drive more exclusive traffic then you can use Gleam's Hosted Landing Pages.

Hosted landing page for a Gleam campaign promoting Amazon discount

Hosted Landing Pages are highly customisable and allow you to feature your own logo and branding. For example, you can choose your feature images, customise the CSS of the widget, change the colours for each action to match your branding, and change the background image to suit your campaign's theme.

When you distribute discounts with Gleam it's important that you actively promote and drive traffic to your campaign.

Once the campaign is setup, there are plenty of ways you can distribute it to start driving leads to your Amazon store. Here are a few of the most effective promotion methods:

  • Spread the word across all of your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Send an email to your mailing list promoting the special offer and driving traffic to your campaign.
  • Have an influencer promote your campaign through a product review. This could be a YouTube video, an Instagram post, or a blog post. They can then link to your campaign or embed it on their own page.
  • Run a Facebook Ad. Facebook has a much larger audience than Amazon and has powerful targeting tools you can take advantage of.

During the promotion, make sure you are promoting the product as much as you are promoting the discount itself. People will be a lot more excited to use your discount if they are aware of how awesome your product is.

Running a giveaway where users can complete entry actions for a chance to win a prize is a brilliant way to engage your audience, boost exposure and drive powerful actions that matter to you. It's also entirely cost-effective and economical for small businesses.

When you run a giveaway with Gleam's Competitions app you can offer a huge range of entry options and award more entries and more chances to win to users who complete more actions.

Take a look at this demo we put together to get a feel for what your own giveaway could look like with Gleam:

You can even require users to sign in to your giveaway with an Amazon account before entering to ensure you're driving actions from users who are most likely to become customers.

Login with Amazon

When you run a promotional giveaway with Gleam you'll be able to choose from a huge range of entry actions that you can drive to engage users, promote your products, drive growth and ultimately generate sales. You just need to figure out which ones work for you.

Some of the best actions you can drive to grow your Amazon store include:

  • Newsletter sign-ups.
  • Amazon store visits.
  • Watching product videos.
  • Leaving reviews.
  • Twitter follows, tweets and retweets.
  • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profile visits.
  • Getting friends to enter your giveaway via social referrals.
  • Answering questions and providing feedback.
  • You can even run awesome photo contests where customers can submit engaging photos for a chance to win.
Run your own Amazon giveaway
Run Your Own Amazon Giveaway

Check out Gleam's Amazon Giveaway app to start growing your store, promoting your product and driving sales!

Any time you run a giveaway you need to find ways to encourage as many users as possible to enter, and there's no better way to do this than offering up an awesome prize.

As an E-commerce retailer the best prize you can offer is one of your products or a product bundle (depending on how valuable they are). Giving away your own products is a great prize strategy because it will allow you to encourage entry from highly relevant users who have already displayed a clear interest in your products.

You can even give away multiple prizes if you want to offer up a larger prize pool, give away unique weekly/monthly prizes, or offer runner up prizes.

150+ Awesome Prize Ideas
150+ Awesome Prize Ideas

Can't figure out the perfect giveaway prize for your campaign? We have 150+ awesome ideas waiting for you.

Just like when you run a Rewards campaign to give out discount codes, when you run a giveaway to promote your Amazon store you'll need to decide where you want to host your giveaway and how you want to promote it.

You can easily run your giveaway on any page on your own website, or on our stylish, customisable hosted landing pages.

Hosted landing page for a Gleam Competitions campaign promoting Amazon discounts

Once your giveaway is up and running it's time to promote it by:

  • Sharing it across all of your social channels.
  • Sending it out to your mailing list.
  • Promoting it from your website.
  • Using our Viral Share action to incentivise social sharing.
  • Using paid ads & sponsored posts.
  • Partnering up with another brand or influencer to tap into their audience.

When you run a promotional giveaway for your E-commerce store it's a good idea to give out discount codes to entrants who complete a designated number of actions.

This is a fantastic way to incentivise users to complete more actions to earn their discounts, as well as help drive sales by giving out valuable discounts that make purchases more enticing. Giveaway entrants are also most likely to make a purchase from you, since they are already interested in the product you're offering.

You can easily distribute discount codes to entrants by using our Coupon actions to offer a discount code from inside the widget.

Use the Actions required setting to lock your discount until after a certain number of actions have been completed. This allows you to use a discount to not only incentivise sales, but also encourage users to complete more actions and maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

You can also choose to send out discount codes to entrants in post-entry emails, or you can wait until your giveaway has ended and send out discounts as consolation prizes. This can be an effective way to re-engage entrants in the aftermath of your campaign and drive sales.

Another highly engaging type of campaign that you can run with Gleam are photo contests where you can get customers to submit photos showing off your product, with winners being picked through manual selection or popular vote.

With Gleam you can directly collect submissions from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and offline files, or you can automatically import entries from social media using #hashtags, @mentions and more with our powerful import actions.

Take a look at our demo to get an idea what your own photo contest could look like:

How to run your own photo contests
Learn How To Running Photo Contests

Find out how to set up your own photo contest and display submissions in a stylish gallery.

A great strategy you can implement to help maximise the reach of your campaign and expose your Amazon store and products to a larger audience is by partnering up with a relevant influencer or brand to run your giveaway or Rewards campaign.

Reaching out to influencers in your niche and asking them to promote your campaign in exchange for some money, product, or dedicated actions in your campaign is a great strategy for exposing your campaign to users you would have otherwise been unable to reach.

A similar type of campaign you can run is one where you partner up with a relevant brand to giveaway a bundle of both your products and drive actions that mutually benefit both you and your partner.

This is a great way to tap into a new relevant audience and promote your product to potential customers.

The key to choosing a good partner for your campaign is picking a brand that sells products in your niche and shares a similar audience. However, they should not be a direct competitor that could eat into your sales. Ideally, you want to partner with a brand that sells a product complementary to your own.

If you have a website and want to use it to funnel users to your Amazon store then you should consider using Gleam's powerful Capture app to capture emails, promote your Amazon store and drive traffic back to your Amazon page.

Capture's wide array of behavioural triggers and customisation features make it easy to create popups perfectly tailored to all your needs.

Gleam Capture popup for Amazon offer

If you would like to make an announcement for your Amazon store, we recommend creating a Popup or Bar Capture where you can display the message to your website visitors.

Once they subscribe to your mailing list, you can reveal a claim code in the Thank You message. Like this:

Post-signup state for Gleam Capture popup with Amazon Discount Code revealed

The Popup template also allows you to redirect visitors directly to a specific URL once they have subscribed. You can use this to redirect users to either your Amazon product listing page or even a Social Media Promo Code page.

For more specific targeting, you can also setup a behavioural rule where only new visitors from a specific location can access your offer.

This is especially useful if you are operating an Amazon store in a specific country only:

Gleam Capture's 'New Visitor & Country' behavioural rule

If you want to experiment with a niche from a specific platform, you can also offer highly targeted messages to visitors arriving from a specific source:

Welcome offer for Facebook visitors on Gleam Capture popup form

This can be done using Capture's Referring Domain behavioural rule:

Gleam Capture's 'Referring Domain' behavioural rule
Drive Amazon Sales with Capture
Drive Sales And Grow Your Mailing List

Get step by step instructions on building your own Capture or check out the app right away!

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