Instagram User-Generated Content Gallery

Instagram User-Generated Content Gallery

Use hashtags and mentions to collect and display user-generated content from Instagram.

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Collect, curate and display engaging user-generated content from Instagram on your website with this customizable gallery widget.

Showcasing user-generated content on your website is one of the most effective ways to skyrocket engagement and convert visitors into customers. The user-generated content you collect from Instagram will provide you with fresh, engaging and authentic content that will build trust, excite visitors and act as social proof that gives potential customers more confidence to make a purchase.

The best way to display this valuable social proof on your website is with this powerful, easy-to-use widget template. You can easily import media from Instagram using hashtags and mentions, curate your Gallery so you're only showing the best from your community, and embed the Gallery on your website with a line of code.


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Collecting User-Generated Content

Need some ideas on how you encourage your customers and fans to create and share branded content?

Your biggest fans will generally be happy to get involved and share some awesome photos, so simply making a post that encourages your audience to share content with a #hashtag and @mention is a great place to start. Regularly sharing your favourite customer pics in your own feed and stories and displaying them in your Gallery is also a great way to encourage participation.

But if you really want to drive participation and encourage as many people as you can to create and share powerful UGC there's no better option than running a photo contest.

With our Instagram Photo Contest template all you need to do is offer up an awesome prize and encourage your audience to create and submit their Instagram post for a chance to win!

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Customize Your Instagram Gallery

You can completely customise your Gallery including the header, background, content styling, item ordering, and so much more.

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Import User-Generated Content From Instagram

You can easily import content from Instagram #hashtags and @mentions into your Gallery by selecting Instagram #hashtag or Instagram Mentions in the Import tab.

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Curate Your Gallery

Once you have customized your Gallery and started importing content from Instagram you can curate your Gallery by enabling moderation and choosing which posts you want to showcase before they are accepted into your Gallery.

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Install Your Gallery

Once you have finalised your Instagram Gallery you can show it off on a hosted landing page or install it in your website.

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Instagram User-Generated Content Gallery Pro

Instagram User-Generated Content Gallery

Use hashtags and mentions to collect and display user-generated content from Instagram.

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