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Grow your ConvertKit Lists With Capture From Gleam.

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Choose Your Template

Choose from one of many ConvertKit optimised Capture templates to suit your needs.

Smart Rules

Show the right ConvertKit form to the right user at the right time with our huge range of behavioural rules.

Powerful rules

Built-in A/B Testing

See which opt-in form or capture works best within a given situation, show different ones based on different rules and choose which Capture is best, increasing your ConvertKit list conversion rates.

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Connect ConvertKit

Once you connect ConvertKit all your leads will go right to the lists you choose.

Integration Instructions
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Benefits of Using Captures

Here's just some of the benefits ConvertKit customers get from using Capture.

  • No Coding

    Instant integration to ConvertKit on any website with just 1 piece of Javascript. No coding for you to worry about.

  • Segment Subscribers

    Easily segment subscribers by sending users to different ConvertKit lists based on what they are doing on your site.

  • Grow Your Lists

    Capture allows you to try more ideas quickly without touching any code on your site. Spend more of your valuable time driving subscribers.

Other Email Providers We Support

Simply connect your email provider account & start sending emails directly into your lists.

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