The Redirect widget offers an easy way to redirect users to a desired location once they complete the required actions in your campaign.

This particular reward type is also great for gated content like Links or Downloads, except the user will be redirected automatically once they complete the required actions.

Some use cases of the Redirect widget are:

  • Redirecting users to your sale page after completion (remember that the discount should be pre-programmed into the link)
  • Redirecting users to a signup page after completion
  • Redirecting users to a private page or article
  • Redirecting users to a redemption page
  • Redirecting users to a members only area
  • Creating a treasure hunt
Redirect reward type for Gleam Rewards

User will be redirected instantly from the widget once the required actions are complete. Additionally, they will also receive the link in an email.

There is no need to do anything once the required actions are complete, we will automatically redirect the user to your specified URL.

In addition to being redirected automatically from the widget, the user will also get an email with the redirect link attached - provided that you check the Capture user details box during setup.

These emails can be customised on your own if you upgrade to Business plan.

Post-redemption email with a redirect link