What is the Difference Between Entries and Actions?

For each action completed, the entrant could earn one or more entries depending on your campaign configuration.

Inside your Competition's page you will find an Entries / Actions tab that shows you how many Entries and Actions your Competition has received.

Entries vs Actions
What Are Actions?

Gleam provides a way for customers & followers to engage with your campaigns through user-generated actions. These actions are performed by the entrant as they are incentivised to earn Competition entries or unlock instant win Rewards.

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Actions refer to the total amount of times an entry method has been completed in your Competition.

For example, Twitter Follow, Subscribe to an Email are actions that can be completed in exchange for entries.

What Entry Methods Are Available?

Here is a list of all the Entry Methods available for Gleam Competitions.

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When an action is completed, users will receive 1 or more entries depending on the value of the Worth # entries field in your Competition setup.

Actions Can Be Worth One or More Entries

Entries are essentially "Chances to Win". Entries refer to the total number of chances your entrants have to win in your Competiiton.


When an entrant completes an action that is worth 5 entries, it means they completed 1 action, and received 5 entries/chances to win.

Let's say your Competition has a single Twitter Follow action worth 5 entries. When 100 users complete the action, your Competition would receive 100 actions, and 100 x 5 = 500 entries.

What Are Verified Actions Or Entries?

Gleam uses a wide integration of APIs and social networks to check that entrants have completed your actions before awarding entries.

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What Is An Invalid Entry?

We automatically flag certain entries that come across as Invalid. For example, if the action was incomplete, or if we detected suspicious activity from the user.

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Under the Entries / Actions tab, you will find details about every individual action that has been completed in your Competition.

These details are:

  • Who: This shows who completed the action, along with the information the user has agreed to share with you.
  • Action: The action, or entry method completed by the user.
  • Details: Any information submitted by the user via the User Details form or for that specific action. This could be a Tweet URL, @profile handle, photos, videos or Custom Field values.
  • Where: The location of the user
  • When: The time of entry. This shows in your local time, which can be configured in User Settings.
  • Worth: The number of entries an action is worth, which can be configured during Competition setup.
  • Status: Actions can have 3 statuses - Valid, Invalid and Winner.
Competitions Actions Tab
How Can I Review Entries?

You can review the entries you received for a Competitions campaign through the Entries/Actions tab.

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