• I'm Having Problems Completing Actions

I'm Having Problems Completing Actions

Last updated: April 13, 2024

Here are some common issues associated with completing actions on Gleam:

What Are Actions?

Gleam provides a way for customers & followers to engage with your campaigns through user-generated actions. These actions are performed by the entrant as they are incentivised to earn Competition entries or unlock instant win Rewards.

"Email in Use"

You may get this if you change your email address to one that was previously used to enter campaigns, which means you're still logged in on the last Competition you've entered through another browser or device.

Since an account already exists for the old email address, you can log back into the old account, click on Edit to remove any associated social media accounts from that old address, then login with your new address and reconnect your social media accounts.

"Too Many Entries"

This error is associated with account bans or temporary suspensions to an IP address or contestant account.

You may also get this error when entering campaigns because your assigned IP address had been flagged or suspended previously.

There are a few causes for this error:

  • You have been using scripts, bots or browser extensions to automate or gain an unfair advantage over other users
  • You have created multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage over other users
  • You are using a VPN service or entering from a low quality IP address
  • You are entering from a shared location (e.g. school, library, internet cafes) that has previously violated our Terms
  • There is a chance that a previous user has been banned from the same IP address due to fraud.

To fix this, we recommend entering from another location or through a different internet connection. If the problem persists then the suspension may be account wide.

Please note if your account has been banned for violation of our Terms of Service you will generally not receive a response from our Support channels.

"You Are Following Too Many Channels"

You may get this error when completing Twitch.tv related actions. Twitch.tv has a follow limit of 2,000 channels per user, so you may get this error when you have already hit their follow limit.

This is a limitation outside of our control, we suggest to reduce the number of channels you follow to complete the action.

Can't Authenticate Social Media Accounts

If pop-ups are disabled on your browser, you may not see the authorisation window used to authenticate your social media accounts. In this case you'll need to allow pop-ups from your browser, or turn off any extensions that may control this behaviour.

Not Receiving a Confirmation Email After Entering

Not all Competition hosts use our post-entry confirmation email feature, so you may not receive confirmation emails after entering a campaign. You may need to ask your campaign host or sponsor directly if the entries have been received.

Post-Entry Confirmation Email for Gleam Competitions

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