Post-Retirement Plans For Your Amazon Giveaways

Post-Retirement Plans For Your Amazon Giveaways


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Amazon Giveaway is retiring but with Gleam you can run promotional giveaways that are bigger and better than ever.

Running e-commerce giveaways is an incredibly effective way to draw attention to your store, engage customers, promote your products and ultimately drive sales.

For the last four years, Amazon Giveaway has given Amazon Sellers a great opportunity to promote their offering with simple, engaging giveaways, but the service is unfortunately retiring as of October 17th, 2019.

Amazon announcing the retirement of Giveaways

This might seem like a blow to your promotion strategy, but there's no reason to despair because Gleam is here to fill that Amazon Giveaway shaped hole in your heart.

If you're someone who's ran Amazon Giveaways in the past, or someone who's looking for new and exciting ways to grow an Amazon store and drive sales then keep reading because we're going to show you how you can use Gleam's Competitions app to run awesome giveaways that will incentivise the actions that matter to you, promote your store, and drive sales.

To get started let's take a look at how Amazon Giveaway worked and how you can achieve all the same outcomes (and more) with Gleam.

How Amazon Giveaway Worked

Amazon Giveaway worked on a fairly simple premise. With the platform sellers could:

  • Choose a product to give away.
  • Decide how many prizes you wanted to give away and what type of giveaway you wanted to run (e.g. sweepstakes, random instant win, first-come first-serve).
  • Allow Amazon users to enter with a click, by watching a product video, or following an author on Amazon.
  • Give out discount codes for the product you gave away to users who didn't win.
Entering an Amazon Giveaway

These giveaways would be displayed on Amazon's giveaway page and were a good way for Sellers to promote their products and drive some sales. But with the platform's retirement it's time to look forward, and Gleam is the perfect solution to all your Amazon promotion needs.

Running Amazon Giveaways With Gleam

With Gleam you can run action-based giveaways where you can task users with completing various valuable entry actions, with users who complete more actions unlocking more chances to win.

As well as being able to drive an array of powerful actions, when you run Gleam giveaways you'll also be able to get users to sign into your campaign before entering. This is a fantastic way to capture valuable user data and grow your email list which is greatly advantageous to your ongoing promotional efforts.

Gleam user details form

You can even require entrants to sign into your giveaway with Amazon, which will help you ensure that everyone who enters your campaign is a high-value lead with solid potential to become customers.

Login to Gleam contest with Amazon account

To get an idea of what your own Amazon giveaway could look like with Gleam have a play with this demo we've put together:

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Driving Powerful Actions

One of the biggest advantages of running your Amazon giveaway with Gleam is the ability to drive a massive selection of powerful actions that matter to you and your business.

When you ran a promotion with Amazon Giveaway you were limited to getting users to watch videos about your product, but with Gleam you can take this to the next level with our awesome selection of actions including:

  • Newsletter sign-ups.
  • Amazon store visits.
  • Watching product videos.
  • Leaving reviews.
  • Twitter follows, tweets and retweets.
  • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profile visits.
  • Peer to peer referrals.
  • Answering questions and providing feedback.
  • You can even run awesome photo contests where customers can submit engaging photos for a chance to win.

Driving Sales With Coupons

One of the best parts of running promotions with Amazon Giveaway was being able to easily give out discounts to entrants which was an effective way to give users who have already shown an interest in your product some extra incentive to take the next step and make a purchase.

Luckily for you, this is as easy as ever with Gleam. You can choose to automatically send out Amazon promotion codes to entrants in post-entry emails, or you can use our powerful Coupon action to share your discounts with entrants from inside the Gleam widget.

This is a brilliant way to convert entrants into customers and drive sales from your giveaway. As a bonus you can even lock your Coupon action until users have completed a designated number of entries which is a great way to incentivise users to complete more actions.

If distributing discount codes is your main objective then you should also consider checking out Gleam's Rewards app and running a campaign where users can complete various actions to unlock a promotion code or get redirected to an exclusive promotion landing page using Amazon's Social Media Promo Codes.

Where Can You Run Gleam Giveaways?

While Amazon Giveaway campaigns were run exclusively on the Amazon Giveaways page, Gleam gives you a lot more options. If you have your own website then you can easily embed your campaign on any page, or you can choose to run it from our stylish hosted landing pages.

Run Amazon giveaways with Gleam's hosted landing pages

Wherever you decide to run your campaign you can drive traffic to it through all of your social media and promotional channels to boost awareness and maximise participation.

If you want your giveaway to reach as many potential customers as possible then remember to capitalise on our awesome Viral Share action to incentivise entrants to share your giveaway with their friends and give you access to a massive new audience.

Gleam's Viral Share action

If the retirement of Amazon Giveaway has put a dent in your promotional strategy there's no reason to fret, as with Gleam's Competitions app you'll be able to run Amazon giveaways that are bigger and better than ever before. So if you want to grow your brand, promote your Amazon store to a huge new audience and drive sales then check out Gleam and get started today.

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