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Promote Your Business With Wi-Fi Unlock Rewards

Using Your Wi-Fi Password to Drive Action

If you run a cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, bar or store then you know how high the demand for Wi-Fi can be. Providing free Wi-Fi is a great way to offer your customers some extra value, which in itself can be terrific for business. However, there is a whole lot more that you can get out of your Wi-Fi.

With Gleam's Rewards app you can easily set up a mobile campaign which gates your Wi-Fi password behind powerful actions including Facebook Check-Ins, Twitter Follows, Tweets and much more. All visitors have to do is scan your Rewards campaign's unique QR Code and complete the designated actions.

This means that you can limit Wi-Fi to customers who have participated in your campaign from their smartphones and completed your designated actions. This is a fantastic way to capitalise on the demand for your Wi-Fi by using it to drive powerful actions which will draw attention to your business, give your promotional efforts a meaningful boost and drive customer acquisition.

Take a look at this demo campaign we put together to see what your own Wi-Fi Password Reward could look like with Gleam:

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Deciding on Actions

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when you setup a Wi-Fi Unlock Reward is what actions you want to gate your password behind.

You want to focus on actions that are easy to complete on a mobile device, and are effective at spreading awareness of your business and encouraging new customers to check you out. Let's take a look at some of the most powerful actions you can incentivise with your Wi-Fi password:

Facebook Check-In

Facebook Check-ins are one of the most powerful actions you can drive with a Wi-Fi Unlock Reward. Not only is it quick and easy for your customers to complete, but it is also a highly effective promotional technique.

Having customers check-in to your cafe, restaurant or store on Facebook is a fantastic way to expose your business to a highly relevant audience in an incredibly reliable and authentic way. Facebook check-ins essentially function as a recommendation which will help you gain awareness and attract new customers, so it's well worth it to incentivise them with your Wi-Fi password.

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Facebook Visit

With the Facebook Visit action you can allow customers to unlock your Wi-Fi password by visiting your Facebook page. You can then present them with the option to Like your page. This is a great way to grow your online following which will help you spread awareness and boost your future promotional efforts.

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With the Tweet action you can craft a message and have users Tweet it from their own account in order to access your Wi-Fi. This is another terrific way to encourage authentic and trustworthy social sharing of your business. Getting customers to Tweet about your business will help spread positive word of mouth and attract the attention of your customer's social circles, who make up a highly relevant audience that is likely to be interested in your business.

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Follow On Twitter

Asking customers to follow you on Twitter in exchange for your password is another great way to use a Wi-Fi Unlock Reward to grow your online following and give your future promotional efforts a meaningful boost.

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Subscribe to a Mailing List

Another simple action you can incentivise with your Wi-Fi password is having visitors subscribe to your mailing list. Email marketing is one of the best ways you can keep your customers up to date with all your happenings as well as offer special deals or promotions, so driving mailing list subscriptions is always worthwhile.

This action is particularly effective for retail stores who regularly use email marketing to promote sales, new items and other promotional activities.

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Setting Up Multiple Actions For Your Campaign

Remember, you don't have to limit your campaign to a single action. You can easily incorporate multiple actions into your Wi-Fi Unlock Reward. You can do this by requiring customers to complete multiple actions before unlocking your Wi-Fi password, or by displaying a selection of actions and allowing users to choose which ones they want to complete.

When deciding how many actions customers will have to complete to unlock your Wi-Fi password it's important to balance what's valuable for you and what's convenient for the customer. As a general rule, it's a good idea to require customers to complete only one or two high-value actions. This will make it straightforward and easy for customers to unlock your password which will drive participation and maximise the value you get from your campaign.

Run Your Own Rewards Campaign

Run Your Own Wi-Fi Unlock Reward

Check out our documentation on setting up your own Rewards or get started right away!

Get Started

Setting Up Your Reward

When you build a Rewards campaign your main focus will be on choosing and setting up your entry actions, but there are some other components of setting up your Wi-Fi Unlock Reward that you will also have to attend to.

To help you start using your Wi-Fi password to drive action we're going to take you through the process of creating your own Wi-Fi Unlock Reward.


The first thing you'll need to do is name your campaign and select it's Start and End dates in the Setup tab. Reward campaigns can be run indefinitely, so you can opt to leave the End date blank.

Set up overview for your Gleam Rewards campaign

User Details

The next step is the User Details tab. By default, Rewards are anonymous and can be accessed by anyone with a link to it. If you would like users to login before accessing your campaign, you can tick the Require login before actions checkbox. However, we advise against using a User Details Form for this campaign as you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to complete actions and access your Wi-Fi.

Set up user details for your Gleam Rewards campaign

How To Redeem

You will then move on to the How to Redeem tab where you can select and customise the actions you want users to complete.

Set up redemption methods for your Gleam Rewards campaign


Once you have selected your redemption methods you need to create your reward in the Reward tab. You can do this by selecting Coupon Code as the Reward Type and entering your Wi-Fi password under Code/Link(s).

The Reward tab is also where you will give your Reward a name, description and feature image.

Set up the Reward you are offering

Post Redeem

The final step for creating your Wi-Fi Unlock Reward is the Post Redeem tab. This is where you select how you want to offer customers your Wi-Fi password.

The best option is to Display Reward in Widget, as this will allow customers to instantly access the password and connect to your Wi-Fi once they complete your designated actions.

Enable 'Display Reward in Widget' in the Post Redeem tab

Revealing Your Wi-Fi Password

When you select the Display Reward in Widget option users who complete your designated actions will be immediately presented your Wi-Fi password within the widget:

Wi-Fi password is unlocked from the Gleam Reward widget

Directing Customers to Your Reward

Once your Wi-Fi Password Unlock is all set up you will be ready to implement the Reward and start driving customer action. In order for your Wi-Fi Unlock to be effective you need to make it easy for customers to access your campaign and start completing actions.

The best way you can direct customers to your Wi-Fi unlock is by using the unique QR Code and landing page that accompanies every Gleam Rewards campaign.

All you need to do is retrieve the unique QR Code from the Promote tab of your Rewards campaign and make it easily accessible to your visitors.

QR code for your campaign can be found in the 'Promote' tab

All they need to do is scan the code from their mobile device and they will automatically directed to your campaign's landing page where they can complete your designated actions and unlock the wi-fi password.

person holding a mobile device with wi-fi password unlock widget in display

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