Random Name Picker

Random Name Picker

Draw, select or choose names randomly for contests, raffles or any time you might need a random draw.

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If you're ever in a spot where you need to pick names at random, this Quick Draw template is a quick and easy way to pick names fairly. Say you've got a list of names and need to select one for a giveaway, raffle or perhaps just a random bet between friends.

You can either paste in the list of names, or upload a CSV file with the names you wish to draw randomly from.

Our Quick Draw interface is public-facing which means you can record the draw and share it on social media for increased credibility. You can also customise the background with colours, gradients or images to match with your branding!

No matter what kind of event or contest you have lined up, this template saves the day by taking off all pressure tied with making arbitrary picks - giving each name its due shot at winning.

What Types of Things Can Our Random Picker be Used For?

  • Secret Santa
  • Lucky Draw Contest
  • Random Tweet Picker
  • Random YouTube Comment Selector
  • Raffles & Giveaways at Events
  • Choose Classroom Helpers
  • Random Facebook Comment Selector
  • Board Game Player Order
  • Talent Show Order
  • Movie Night Selection
  • Holiday Destination Picker
  • Pet Names Selection
  • Baby Name Selection
  • Costume Party Theme Selector
  • Random Twitter Follower Picker
  • Random Instagram Comment Picker
  • Book Reading Order
  • Deciding What Movie To Watch
  • Choosing A Restaurant For Dinner
  • Selecting A Vacation Destination
  • Drawing Daily Workout Routines
  • Deciding On A Game To Play
  • Randomizing Study Subjects
  • Choosing A Date Night Activity
  • Selecting A Name For A Pet
  • Deciding Who Goes First In A Game
  • Picking A Song For Karaoke

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How to Use Our Random Name / List Picker

The random giveaway picker can be used for lots of various types of campaigns, but in order to use it you'll need either a list of names / usernames or a csv of what you'd like to draw randomly.

Random Raffle Picker

Advanced Features

Set Custom Entry Worth for Each Name

You can set a custom entry worth for each of the names in your entrant's list. For example, an entry worth might be higher if an entrant has performed more actions to participate in your campaign. This essentially gives the entrant a higher chance of winning, since their name has a higher weightage during the random draw.

To customise the entry worth for each entrant, you have to define the column title as name, entries, followed by the entry worth for each entrant like this:

Custom Entry Worth for Random Name Picker

In the example above, Jordan Piper would have the highest chance of winning because they have the most entries.

Set Email for Each Name

You can also include an email column in your list for easy access to the winner's contact details afterwards.

To include an email column, you have to define the column title as name, email, followed by the list of names and the corresponding emails like this:

Custom Email for Random Name Picker

After the draw is complete, you'll see the winner's email address by clicking on the icon.

Randomly Drawn Winner from Random Name Picker

Random Draw Guides

User-friendly random name picker for contests and raffles, complete with detailed documentation to guide users through setup and customization.

Random Name Picker Free

Random Name Picker

Draw, select or choose names randomly for contests, raffles or any time you might need a random draw.

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