How To Promote Your App With Giveaways

Check out our tried and tested tips for promoting your app with giveaways!

When you're promoting an app, there isn't a strategy you can use that's more fun, engaging and cost-effective than running a promotional giveaway.

A promotional giveaway is any marketing campaign where you offer up a prize and let people earn chances to win by completing various entry actions. In this post, we'll walk you through all the best ways to run highly effective giveaways that will help you build exposure, connect with a new audience and drive valuable user actions including app downloads, email signups, social media engagement and so much more.

When it comes to running a promotional giveaway, there are tons of different types of campaigns you can run ranging from simple to more in-depth. Let's take a look at some of the best options you have at your disposal.

Running a giveaway directly on your social media feed is an effective way to build awareness and excitement around your app. This type of giveaway involves posting your giveaway directly on social media and allowing their audience to follow your page or like, comment on, or share your post.

Lots of these giveaways ask participants to tag their friends in a comment as it's a great way to expand the giveaway's reach.

Social Media Timeline Contests

While this approach quickly boosts social media engagement and attracts potential customers, it has its challenges. 

Managing entries and choosing winners can be tricky, and the campaign's impact is limited to the audience that sees the post. The biggest limitation of running your giveaway directly through social media is that these giveaways often fail to drive meaningful, long-term actions such as app downloads and email signups, which are crucial for sustained growth.

To take your giveaways beyond simple likes and comments and drive more impactful actions like app downloads and newsletter sign-ups, consider using a platform like Gleam. 

Gleam lets you customise your contest to meet marketing goals, making your competition more effective at a lower cost. Plus, Gleam automatically checks entry authenticity, fairly picks winners, and all in all will streamline your entire campaign management.

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With Gleam's powerful giveaway software, you can cut right to the chase and directly incentivise app downloads by offering up an awesome prize and getting people to download your app for a chance to win. There's no better way to get your app directly into people's hands and encourage them to check out everything you have to offer.

You can even award extra entries to people who share your campaign with friends, allowing you to kickstart download referral chains which can drive massive app adoption.

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If your app costs money to download, you will have to be mindful of No Purchase Necessary laws in certain countries which prohibit you from requiring people to make a purchase to enter a giveaway.

Luckily for you, Gleam will automatically add a Free Alternate Method of Entry to giveaways in any country where they are legally required so you can keep driving downloads without worrying.

Another awesome type of campaign you can run is an App Recommendation Contest where app users can share a written post, photo, or video recommending your app on social media and submit it to your campaign.

App Recommendation Contest

This is an outstanding way to kickstart online conversation about your app, generate word-of-mouth marketing and collect tons of authentic, engaging user-generated content that you can display on your website and in your own marketing materials.

Try out this powerful template:

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It's a practical strategy that turns your audience into active promoters, with the added benefit of gathering a library of real-world images or videos that highlight your app's great features.

Insider's tip

We have a super useful guide on How To Use User-Generated Content In Your Marketing.

So, now you've set up your giveaway, you've got to spread the word to maximise engagement and participation!

Social media is the best place to spread the word about your giveaway and target potential customers.

Promoting your giveaway on social media is an essential strategy for maximising reach and engagement. It's a no-brainer considering it is completely free to do and you can tap into a huge audience.

Try creating and sharing posts about your giveaway with lots of visual elements to reach your followers and encourage them to enter your giveaway and help spread the word with shares, likes, and comments.

Posting About Your App On Social Media

Another awesome feature you can use in a Gleam campaign is the Viral Share action. Viral Sharing is a powerful action that allows users to share your giveaway on their social media to earn extra entries. 

By encouraging participants to spread the word, you tap into vast networks beyond your immediate audience, driving more entries and boosting the contest's visibility with minimal additional effort.

Viral Share

Partnering with influencers can be an awesome way boost your giveaway's visibility.

Make sure you find influencers with an engaged and active following. It is also super important to only partner with influencers whose followers match your target audience to spread the word about your giveaway. 

You can then pay them to create engaging content, from in feed posts to stories, encouraging their audience to participate in your giveaway.

Partner with Influencers

For a cheaper approach, have a go at teaming up with genuine users or fans of your app who can share their excitement about your giveaway with their followers in exchange for a discount or free product from you. This way, you still reach more people, but at a much lower cost.

Integrating a popup on your website is a great way to immediately inform visitors about your app’s giveaway. It's simple, straightforward, and allows people to quickly see what they can win and how to participate directly through your site.

This method taps into the curiosity of visitors, prompting them to engage with your giveaway with minimal effort, and also catches people who don't use social media or haven't seen your post.

Promote Your App Giveaway With Website Popups
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Regular newsletters can highlight new features, offer exclusive content, or share useful tips related to your app. You can also use your mailing list to promote your giveaway.

To effectively promote your app giveaway through your mailing list, quickly highlight what participants can win and how to enter, and try offering an exclusive perk for your email subscribers to encourage participation. 

You always need to make sure you're including a concise call to action. Plus, send a reminder or two before the giveaway ends, but keep it minimal to avoid annoyance. 

mailing list

You can then offer a discount code as a thank you to everyone who entered your giveaway, especially if they took the time to spread the word on their own social media channels. 

You can either give a discount code to everyone via a social media post, or only for the people that entered via email.

This is a nice way to keep up engagement after your giveaway is over and encourage downloads and purchases, even if they didn't win the prize.

Discount Codes for Everyone Who Entered

Once you've set your giveaway up, you need to encourage people to enter by offering an awesome prize. Here are some ideas!


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