Halloween Giveaway Ideas

Learn how to capitalise on the Halloween excitement with our giveaway and prize ideas!

Halloween is an awesome opportunity to drive sales, generate leads, and boost engagement. As people will be shopping for event tickets, costumes, decorations, and sweets, it is a great idea to offer these sought after items as a reward in return for completing valuable actions of your brand.

We'll guide you through the best types of giveaway strategies plus some extra prize ideas.

These Halloween giveaway ideas are simple to implement and bring a fun, spooky twist to the season. Let's dive into how you can enhance your Halloween marketing strategy with these exciting and effective giveaway and prize ideas.

Run Halloween Sweepstakes as a fun campaign to engage users and promote your brand.

This strategy encourages participants to interact with your brand in different ways and complete powerful and meaningful actions beyond a like and comment. You can also add bonus entries for completing all of the actions so you can maximise the value of your campaign.

Just use this template to create a campaign and customise it with different Halloween-themed actions for participants to complete to enter the sweepstakes.

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Simple social media giveaways which require participants to like, comment, or share your social media posts are an awesome way to expand your reach.

All you have to do is post on your feed asking users to complete one (or all) of the actions to be entered in for a chance to win the prize.

It's a fast, easy, and low effort way to boost engagement and encourage more interaction on your social media posts.


The best way to pick the winner is through Gleam quickdraws so you can keep track of entries, it's a bit tricky to do manually.

Like or Share Giveaway

Another fantastic way to boost engagement and gather valuable audience insight is with a Best Comment Wins giveaway. 

Check this out

We have a comprehensive list of The Best Comment to Win Ideas & Tools

Announce the contest in a post, specifying the type of comments you're after, like creative, funny, or insightful, and clearly state the prize and deadline. 

This approach not only drives interaction but also helps you understand what resonates with your audience. 

It's also a great way for your posts to take a life of their own in the comment section too as people will go back and forth reading and replying to entertaining comments.

Best Comment Wins Giveaway

Expand your reach and visibility with a Tag-a-Friend giveaway. 

Create a post encouraging your followers to tag friends who might be interested in your content or products. 

Each tag counts as an entry to win a prize, increasing visibility and attracting new potential customers. Again, use Gleam quickdraws for easy entry tracking and winner selection. 

This method encourages personal recommendations to boost your social media growth and engagement which is tonnes more convincing than traditional marketing.


Hosting a Spooky Story Contest is a fantastic way to increase your brand's reach and engagement. By encouraging participants to share their most chilling or creative stories, you can gather user-generated content that draws in more viewers and expands your reach.

Ask users to submit their stories either into your Gleam competition submission box, or in social media comments or stories. You can then share these on your own feed for fresh and new content.


Offering a prize for the best story incentivises participation and can encourage entrants to share with followers and friends which will increase your reach even more to existing and potential customers.

It's super easy to set up using this template:

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Running a Haunted House Photo Contest makes the most of all the fun and seasonal excitement of Halloween to increase engagement with your audience. 

By having participants share photos of their decorated homes onto their social media feed and tagging your business, combined with offering a prize for the best-decorated house, you can drive traffic to social media pages or website as participants and their friends engage with the content.

photo contest

This is an awesome way of organically boosting your brands visibility.

The easiest way to do this is with this Gleam template. Participants just have to upload a photo from their social media onto your Gleam landing page. This way you get the benefit of people sharing photos with their followers, and you also have a neat place to store all of the entries. 

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A Pumpkin Carving Contest's another awesome strategy to increase your brand's engagement and visibility in the same way.

It's a great giveaway idea as lots of people will be carving pumpkins anyway- so they won't have to go out of their way and buy things to take part.

Participants submit videos of them carving pumpkins, and you can sort the winners into categories like Best Carving, Most Creative, and Funniest Pumpkin.

This contest not only generates a wealth of user-generated content but also encourages sharing and interaction on your social media platforms.

The increased activity and participation help to attract more followers and keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Like the photo contest, it's best to run this using Gleam. 

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A Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a creative way to increase traffic to your website or social media pages.

By hiding Halloween-themed items within stories and posts and then providing clues and riddles on your website or social media platforms, you encourage participants to explore your content more thoroughly. If participants submit the correct answer into the Gleam submission box, they can be in for the chance to win a spooky prize.

If you run a scavenger hunt in social media comment sections, the answer will be spoiled as people read through. If you collect answers via DM, it's going to be time consuming and difficult to track all of the correct entries. So, using Gleam to do run your giveaway is the best option, as entries will be automatically verified and you can easily store all entries to fairly pick the winner.

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This increased interaction can lead to greater brand visibility and engagement, as participants spend more time on your platforms and share the excitement with their networks.

Host a Halloween Recipe Contest and ask participants to share their best Halloween-themed recipes. This is another awesome way of creating a load of user-generated content that can be shared across your social media channels.

Offering a prize for the most creative dish motivates participation and encourages users to engage with your brand.

You can use this template to keep all of the entries in a nice, clear format. 

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This type of contest not only boosts interaction but also provides valuable, shareable content that can attract new followers and keep your audience engaged.

recipe contest

A Halloween Trivia Night is another engaging way to connect with your audience and boost your brand's visibility.

You can either do this by hosting a virtual trivia event, like a livestream, with Halloween-related questions. Or, you can do the same thing but from your stories or feed where you also ask questions and people can answer in the comments.

It's a great way to create an interactive experience that encourages participants to invite or tag friends and family- which is an awesome way of expanding your reach.

Offering prizes for the people who get the most correct answers adds excitement and incentivises participation, driving more traffic to your event and social media platforms.


A Trick-or-Treat Giveaway is a really fun and engaging way to attract visitors to your website.

By hosting a trick-or-treat countdown where you offer small prizes or discount codes every day in the run up to Halloween is an awesome way to gather momentum as a part of a larger Gleam giveaway.

This encourages repeat visits and increases time spent on your site, which can lead to higher conversion rates and increased brand loyalty.

Plus, the excitement of winning more prizes will drive more traffic and engagement with your brand.


Run a Halloween dance contest by asking participants to share a video of themselves performing a spooky dance challenge to a trending Halloween sound.

Create a unique hashtag for this contest to track all entries and make sure everyone tags your business.

TikTok is an ideal platform for this, as the videos have a high chance of going viral, reaching a large audience, and encouraging more people to join.

Dance challenges are hugely popular on TikTok too (as opposed to Facebook where people wouldn't be as comfortable posting videos of themselves), making this an excellent platform to boost engagement with your business and generate entertaining user-created content.

Promote the contest widely and make sure you offer a good prize to motivate users as they'll have to put some effort into it!

Once you've set up your giveaway, you need an awesome prize to get people to enter!

halloween is a super popular night for people to go out and party or head to an event. Giving away sought after tickets is an awesome prize for this reason, just make sure they can bring a friend!

If you're going out on halloween, you've got to have a costume! This is great as you can give away fun costumes or halloween masks for the kids going trick or treating- or you can cater to adults going to club nights or parties too.

Bundles of assorted Halloween treats, sweets and candy is an essential Halloween giveaway prize.

A bundle of prizes with Halloween movies, snacks, and cozy blankets for a perfect night in is another great night in as people will be tuning it to watch some horror!

Give away a fun spooky themed set of toys for kids.

Spiritual themed gift sets like decorated journals, novelty theme pens, tote bags, and herbal teas are a perfect on theme prize.

Give away some fun themed jewellery for people to wear on Halloween.

Give away gaming credits or other things like skins.


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