Fun and Creative Mother's Day Contest Ideas

Engage customers and boost your brand this Mother's Day with our contest and giveaway ideas.

Mother's Day is a perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in meaningful ways and promote their offering. One of the most fresh and exciting ways to do this is with promotional contests and giveaways.

To help you get your own campaign underway this Mother's Day, we'll share a range of highly engaging and cost-effective giveaway and prize ideas designed to capture attention, enhance brand awareness, and drive customer action.

Our goal is to show you how these giveaways can not only grab attention but also incentivize customers to take meaningful actions like joining mailing lists, increasing social media interaction, or making purchases.

From simple social media contests to more elaborate campaigns, these ideas are designed to help you leverage the excitement of Mother's Day to benefit your brand in real, measurable ways.

A simple but effective competition and promotion idea that boosts engagement and increases your brand visibility and reach is to host a giveaway where to enter users need to follow you and then like, share, comment, or tag friends on the post for a chance to win.

This is a popular type of entry requirement for a giveaway because it is super quick and easy to do, and users don't have to share content they wouldn't usually make or repost. The only downside is it probably won't drive as meaningful results as other types of giveaways.

However, it's a quick and easy giveaway to run, so if it's your first time hosting a giveaway, you can give this method a try.

Running your giveaway with Gleam is the perfect way to get more value out of your campaign and drive meaningful outcomes. You get people to complete more valuable entry actions including joining your mailing list, visiitng your website, engaging with you on social media, sharing your campaign with friends and so much more!

Gleam also takes the hassle out of running a campaign by automatically collecting, tracking and verifying entries and letting you instantly pick random winners when it's time to wrap things up.

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A fun contest idea for Mother's Day is asking your social media followers to share a photo with their Mum for a chance to win a prize. All you have to do is ask your participants to post a picture, add a designated hashtag or tag your profile, and upload it to your campaign.

divenaworld photo contest

Keep it simple and fun with photo prompts like 'Favorite Memories with Mum', and try to align it with your brand if you can. The best case scenario is getting participants to share photos of themselves and their mum enjoying your products together.

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Using a photo contest to collect user-generated content is an outstanding way to skyrocket brand engagement, kickstart conversations about your product and produce a ton of authentic, relatable marketing material that will make your brand feel more appealing and trustworthy.

Similarly to the photo contest, you can ask users to enter your giveaway by posting a video.

This could be anything from videos of people and their mum enjoying your product together, saying why they want to win your prize, or even just enjoying a day together.

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This contest idea is a great example of asking users to put a fair bit of effort into winning the giveaway, so think about offering a valuable prize if you choose this. In return, though, you will receive great user generated content that you can repurpose for your marketing.

The memory contest can generate a lot of user-generated content that can be shared on your brand's social media pages and website. Encourage participants to share their memories on their social media pages using the brand's hashtag to increase engagement.

You can either ask users to share a memory relevant to your brand, like a picture of them and their Mum wearing clothing from your company or enjoying a meal using your food products.

But, unless you're a household name and people have your products on hand already, you might struggle to generate enough entries using this method. If so, you can just ask users to share their favorite memory with their Mum and tag your brand and use the competition hashtag you created.

Thyme & Whisk memory contest

This content can be repurposed in future campaigns and help build and create a community around the brand, and it will be easy to see all your entries under the designated hashtag.

You can get participants to submit photos of their favorite Mother's Day craft projects, whether a DIY gift, or an arty hobby they enjoy doing together. Then, you can giveaway arts and crafts supplies, gift vouchers, or a couple of sessions to celebrate Mother's Day at an art class.

Winners can be selected based on creativity, originality, or by a random draw.

This contest type can potentially open up cross-promotional opportunities with craft and hobby-related brands.

thetalkingcanvas crafts contest

All of these photo and video contests are an awesome way of collecting branded user generated content that involves your products. These types of social media posts and contests can be a great way to organically generate leads and spread authentic promotional material, it's more convincing than your brand only being advertised through your company social media channels. When other users post featuring your content, it makes your product seem more reliable.

This social proof is a fantastic way to boost sales and convince people who have been eyeing up your products to go for the purchase.

Entrants can enter by sharing a piece of content on a social media platform under the hashtag or commenting with the appropriate hashtag.

You can then display all of these images in a gallery on your website using the template below. It's the perfect way to make the most of all the great photo content you generated and curate a gallery that you can embed anywhere that accepts HTML.

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Using hashtags for your giveaway enhances your brand's visibility on social media, tapping into trending conversations and reaching new audiences.

Coyote giveaway

Creating a Mother's Day quiz is another great method to engage with your target audience and spread your Mother's Day campaign message. You can ask your followers these questions and they can either comment or repost with their answers for a chance to win.

You could ask questions like:

-   Where Should We Take Mum for Dinner?

-   How Many Famous Mum's Do You Recognize?

-   Who Said These Well-Known Phrases About Motherhood?

pranalink_ quiz

Hosting a quiz engages customers in a fun way, offering valuable insights into their preferences and interests for future marketing strategies.

Ask participants to submit their favorite Mother's Day recipe, whether it's a breakfast-in-bed dish, a special brunch recipe, or a family favorite. This is an awesome idea for any food focused brands.

Use this template to make the entry process easy and efficient.

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The easiest way to do this as opposed to having to trawl through hundreds of comments on a post is to run it through Gleam. It makes it super easy as contestants just fill in the form, meaning you can store all the recipes in the same format, and you can choose the winner either randomly or based on your favorite winner.

It could be a nice idea to choose your top 10 favorites and get the public to vote on who should win. It's a nice way to add extra engagement by making it more interactive. After the first contest page is closed, you can ask people to share content of them cooking the recipe under a branded hashtag. You can reward this by reposting, or run another giveaway selecting one of the videos of pictures under the hashtag.

So, now we have gone through some competition ideas, here is the most important part so that people actually engage and enter, the prizes!

An important thing to remember about giveaways is that the more you're asking entrants to do, for example going out of their way to create content and videos, or anything that takes a person more than a few seconds like tagging a friend, resharing, or entering their email address, the more valuable the prize has to be.

So, think about the value of the prize you're giving away versus the value you are asking users to give you.

It is a really nice idea to giveaway a beauty treatment so Mum's can take some time for themselves.

Giving away flowers delivered on Mother's Day or a beautiful Mother's Day flower arrangement is a perfect prize, especially if it is more valuable or unique than a store-bought bouquet. Bonus points if you throw in some chocolates too.

You can go with traditional Mother's Day flowers if that suits your brand style, but if you target a younger or more alternative demographic you could add a fun and modern twist.

Giving away a relaxing spa day, holiday or weekend is a high value prize that is sure to generate a lot of engagement.

Particularly if you are an arts and crafts focused brand, or your target audience is interested in handmade products, a giveaway of arts and crafts classes is a great idea. You could give away a pottery and painting class pass or a voucher to spend at a paint and sip session.

Plus, when you're there you can make a cute DIY Mother's Day present.

Giving away jewelry is a lovely prize for a mother on Mother's Day as it is often something you don't buy for yourself.

You can offer engraving too for those who prefer personalized Mother's Day presents.

If you are a sportswear business, you can give away a whole matching set or a couple of your most popular pieces.

If you don't sell sportswear but your brand has a fitness and wellness focus, you can attract more entrants by offering popular gymwear as the prize. For example, Lulu Lemon, Alo Yoga, Nike, or Sweaty Betty.

Just keep in mind your target audience and age demographic.

A year's voucher to a monthly subscription box is such a great prize because you get the excitement and surprise of opening a mystery box every week.

You can make your own box using your own products, sending testers and tasters along with a few full sizes items to the winner, or you can go for an existing subscription box brand.

Subscription Box

By incorporating these strategies into your Mother's Day marketing campaign, you can leverage the occasion to create memorable experiences for your audience while promoting your brand.

Remember, the key to a successful contest is not just the idea itself, but also offering enticing prizes that resonate with your audience and incentivize participation. Mother's Day giveaways can be an awesome opportunity for your customers to win lovely prizes and for you to boost your marketing strategies and generate leads.


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