Gleam Billing FAQ

Have some questions about our monthly plans or billing? Get some answers below :)

Do You Offer a Free Trial Period?

Our Free Plan allows users to run a fully functional campaign and see what is possible using Gleam.

Additional features can be unlocked by upgrading to the Pro or Business Plan.

While we do not offer a trial period for the Pro and Business plans, if you feel that the plan does not meet your needs please contact us and we will offer a refund on the most recent billing month (provided you have no active campaigns). 

Do You Offer a Way to Pay Per Campaign?

No, we do not offer any PAYG type plans. Just our Monthly or Yearly plans.

Can I Buy Apps Individually?

Yes, we allow you to either buy any of our apps on an individual basis or you can choose to buy a Package which gives you access to everything.

What Are Packages?

Packages are all the apps we offer bundled into one cost, giving you the power of the entire of Gleam at your fingertips at a discounted price.

How Does Your Monthly Billing Work?

When you upgrade your plan it will recur every 30 days at the same time until cancellation.

What Happens if I Upgrade to a Higher Plan?

We will pro-rate the current remaining credit on your existing plan and minus it from the upgraded plan. Your billing will then restart from the upgrade date for the next 30 day period.

Can I Upgrade With Campaigns Already Live?

Yes, if you have live campaigns already active on the Free plan you can upgrade at any time and add features from higher plans.

Upgrading your plan will also unlock historical data from any previously run campaigns.

Am I Locked Into a Plan?

No, not at all. We give you complete freedom to upgrade & downgrade your plans as you want. Locking into a yearly plan will give you a discounted rate but we don't force that - we want you to love using Gleam before you choose to lock in longer.

I Only Want to Upgrade For 1 Month, What do I do?

If you upgrade you will be charged recurring until you downgrade to the free plan again. If you only want to use Gleam for 1 month, then you should upgrade then downgrade straight away. Once that month is complete then you plan will revert back to free.

If I Cancel Will I Lose My Features?

If you cancel your plan you will continue to have access to the features that you've paid for until the expiry date.

If you have a campaign using paid features that ends after your plan lapses, then you'll receive a notification that your campaign will also end when you plan does.

We do provide you the opportunity to remove the paid features from the campaign to keep it running if you wish.

If I Cancel Will I Lose My Data?

You will still be able to download collected data after you cancel your plan. You must download it from inside the relevant data tab inside each campaign.

You will lose access to some features like the Users tab in the sidebar once your paid plan lapses.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

First you need to bring up your current Plan, you can do this either by:

  • First make sure you are on the Site you wish to Cancel (via top left Dropdown)
  • Then navigate to the App you wish to Cancel
  • Then click your Plan at the top right of the screen

You can also view this globally by clicking on your profile name in the left menu and going to Plans

This will bring up your current Plan options:

Simply click the "Would you like to cancel your subscription" link at the bottom of this page to proceed with cancellation of that Plan.

If you have active campaigns using paid features you may see warnings when cancelling, it will prompt whether or not you want to remove those features or have the campaign end when your plan does

What's Your Refund Policy?

Gleam is a subscription based service, which means when you upgrade to a specific plan you will continue to be charged until you change your plan back to Free.

Our current policy is that we can provide a refund on your latest charge provided you have no active campaigns running, have not used any paid feature within your current billing period or provided your previous campaigns ended before your renewal date. We will not refund previous months charges, only the most recent, and we will not refund if you have had an active contest within the current paid period or if you've upgraded specifically to download or export data.

This means that if you were on a $39 plan running a contest & you forgot to downgrade we can provide you a refund. Likewise if you pay to upgrade then realise that Gleam isn't for you we can refund your account provided you have no active campaigns running.

We do not currently provide any refunds for credits or yearly subscriptions, unless you cancel within the first month without running a live campaign.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept credit card or debit card payments and Shopify payments for customers that have installed Gleam via the Shopify App Store.

Due to limitations with our payment processor Stripe we are unable to charge Discover cards.

Help my Charge Was Declined?

Gleam uses Stripe to process credit card charges, on some occassions your bank may decline the charge for a number of reasons.

Card Was Declined

Often banks won't give us a reason as to why the card was declined, it may be possible that the charge triggered a declined or suspicious response from the bank. Some US and European banks also dislike that we are an Australian company, and occassionally flag legitimate charges as fraudulent.

What to do if this happens

You will need to call the bank to find out why they declined the charge, once they whitelist it you'll be able to retry and the payment will go through.

Why are there $0.70 charges on my card?

This is how our payment processor authorises the account can be charged. The payment will be reversed.

Insufficient Funds

If you get this type of decline then it simply means there's not enough funds in your account to facilitate the charge. You'll need to make enough funds available to proceed.

What Will Appear on my Credit Card Statement?

You will see our domain

on your credit card statements.