Welcome to the Rewards app! Easily create instant redeem embeddable rewards in exchange for actions from your users. In this guide we'll take you through the different types of rewards that you can create and how to maximise your campaigns.

Please note that rewards are not engineered to be used as a customer referral program, they are designed to be redeemed instantly.


As a retailer you will often run coupon driven campaigns to improve sales & conversion rates. The meteoric rise of coupon aggegration websites has meant that often users will leave your site then come back to convert - losing you 10% of more of the sale revenue (to affiliate fees).

Our coupons widget allows you to run incentivzed coupon offers on any page or as a button that sits across your site. It's designed to retain users, improve conversion rates & also drive actions that you care about.

Newsletter Signup Coupon

Some uses of our coupon widget:

  • Give a discount to people that susbcribe to your newsletter
  • Give a discount to users that follow you on both Twitter & Facebook
  • Activate a discount when a user watches your latest promotional video
  • Give users a discount when they add more than 5 products to their cart
  • Reveal a coupon when a user completes more than 4 actions you define

Delivery Methods

Coupons can be delivered instantly inside the widget or via email.

Redeeming Coupon in Widget

When the user completes all of the required actions they will see the coupon code to use popup above the action area.

Emailed Coupon

The user will also get the coupon code emailed to them (provided that you tick the Capture contact details box during setup). These emails can be changed on the Business plan to use your own custom email templates.


If you work with physical files like music, images or documents then you may want to offer freebies to your users in return for completing an action (or group of actions).

Using our downloads widget you can run your campaigns on your own site, on Facebook, on Twitter or host it with us. Have a play with this demo below:

Some uses of our downloads widget are:

  • Giving users a free song off an album
  • Driving mail signups to unlock your latest report
  • Offer a download to users that follow you on 3 social networks
  • Allowing fans to download 50 exclusive printable concert tickets for following you on Twitter
  • Running a refer a friend incentive to get a free file download
  • Allowing customers to redeem 1000 downloadable/printable coupon codes to use in store for providing feedback


The redirect widget offers an easy way to redirect users to a desired location when they complete the required number of actions you have setup. This particular campaign type fits almost every other use case when not using Coupons or Downloads.

Some use cases of the redirect widget are:

  • Redirecting users to a signup page after completion
  • Redirecting users to a private page or article
  • Redirecting users to a redemption page
  • Redirecting users to a members only area
  • Creating a treasure hunt