Creating A Refer A Friend Reward With Gleam

You might be looking at ways to use our Rewards widget to get users to refer friends (to also redeem the reward). This particular configuration gets a little tricky due to the way we handle referrals in Gleam.

How Are Referrals Handled?

Rewards are instant redeem. This means that normally the user will complete a certain number of tasks, then their reward will unlock.

Our viral share action type allows you to ask users to refer their friends to a campaign. However, it only credits you when the person you refer completes at least one action.

This can cause four potential issues:

  • The first is that I may not be able to unlock the reward instantly. Since I will need to wait for a friend to also complete it.
  • Since I can't unlock the reward instantly, we need to send the user an email at a later date with their reward.
  • My friend must also complete 1 action (that isn't the viral share) to count as a referral. So if you fail to include this in your campaign, you'll just have a huge number of people referring nobody, thus never actually unlocking the reward.
  • Refer a friend actions will not work with the Redirect reward type.

Setting Up A Refer A Friend Reward

In this guide we're going to take you step by step through how to properly setup a refer a friend reward with Gleam. You'll also find an example below to play with (and copy from within our dashboard).

Uber Example