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How to use Gleam to grow your Kickstarter or Indiegogo funding campaign.

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Welcome to this guide on how to use Gleam to launch and promote your crowdfunding campaign. Here you'll find advice on how best to use our product if you are getting ready launch on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or even your own self hosted crowdfunding solution.

It's recommended that you should also read this guide on prelaunching if you haven't launched your project yet, and this guide on early traction if you've already completed a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Start Early

You will often here us say that you shouldn't launch your idea to crickets, well the same theory propagates to crowdfunding. You are essentially launching a product via a 3rd party platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but this doesn't necessarily mean you'll get enough exposure to meet your funding targets.

Check out some of the learnings from one of our customers Rhino Camera, they have launched 6+ Kickstarter campaigns, and in this podcast they talk about how important the prelaunch phase of your project is:

There's many different ways you can launch or tease your product out to the market which will depend on how established your company is. But getting an early footing will greatly improve your overall chances of success in the long run.

Gleam is designed to fit perfectly into any pre-launch strategy and help you achieve your goals - whether it's building an engaged opt-in list or driving more awareness for you Kickstarter campaign.

Run A Contest

When you're launching your campaign, the name of the game is to build awareness. To do this you need to get users to share the campaign, talk about it and spread it socially to a wider audience.

Running a contest is one of the most cost efficient ways of achieving this goal. Many Kickstarter launches will typically run a contest in the lead up to launch giving away a unique prize or early access to their product. Then during launch to build buzz they will create a extra winnable tier of rewards that entices users to share the campaign to friends.

Gleam facilitates all aspects of the campaign for you. From API integrations with social networks to tracking the social referrals from friends. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what's important - your campaign.

Have a play below, we've build an example Kickstarter campaign that includes sharing and other unique features:

Crowdfunding Example

Encouraging Shares Of Your Campaign

Contests allow you to incentivize users to share your campaign across many different social channels. The Gleam widget provides a number of ways to make this possible.

Try out this viral loop contest example below, after a user joins our exclusive campaign launch newsletter they will then be prompted to refer friends to the campaign (for extra entries).

Viral Loop Example

This example makes use of our Subscribe and Viral Share action types. You can choose to allow sharing via: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp & SMS. Below is an example of a user that has shared a campaign on Twitter.

Build A Targeted Email List

Having a list of 10k active subscribers on launch day will be much more beneficial for your campaign than having none. So you should consider ways in you can grow your email list right from the beginning.

All of the campaigns that you can run on Gleam integrate seamlessly into 30+ email marketing providers. This opens up a lot of flexibility when it comes to custom emails or autoresponders that you might setup to keep your list warmed in preparation for launch.

What's more you can easily encourage your users to signup by offering them a discount or a coupon code that can be used instantly. These types of opt-in forms can convert at anywhere up to 20%. A huge increase on traditional methods.

Build Campaign Specific Landing Pages

Following on from the previous example you can choose when you want to show your opt-in form to users. Quite often you'll notice that retailers love to show you it as soon as you enter the site.

Our behavioural rules make it easy for you to setup when you want to show your opt-in form to users, you can delay it, only show specific forms when someone comes from Kickstarter (or Indiegogo), wait until the user has showed a certain level of engagement or even show specific opt-ins depending on where the user is navigating on your site.

Doing this allows you to be much more targeted with your message, helps you improve conversion rates and overall makes your message more relevant for the user which = more backers!

Create An Exit Offer

The alternative to showing offers to users when they first hit your campaign site is to do the complete opposite - show them as the user is about to leave. The psychology behind both of these techniques is subtly different, but at the same time very powerful.

A user leaving your site is signalling that there's something that has prevented them from making a purchase. Using an exit offer is your second chance to change the users mind and convince them to purchase.

Create Buzz With A UGC Gallery

Using visuals of your product are a fantastic way to get more users to back it. Humans like visual validation and love to see other users using products. The example below shows some visuals from a very popular card game that was funded via Kickstarter.

Gleam offers the ability to build UGC Galleries that can import media from various sources, you can then embed these on your launch website.

Use Our Crowd Funding Actions

If you have educational content or resources like videos, ebooks, downloads or pdfs then it usually doesn't make sense to give them away for free.

Using Gleam you can create content gates that require users to provide their email address before being able to access the additional content, then you can simply redirect the user on completion.

Promote With A Capture Bar

Our Capture bar allows you to have a message pinned to the top of any page on your site. You can use it to drive general mailing list signups or even use it to build announcements.

We use this option extensively to announce new feature to our customers in the Gleam backend, it's an incredibly powerful and flexible way to draw attention to a call to action. Plus it looks great once you tweak the color scheme to fit your site.

Partner With Similar Brands

Don't underestimate the power of partnering with other brands to amplify the total reach of the campaign. One of our customers, Greenbelly partnered with 8 other brands to drive 4.1k+ new email subscribers for just $75 worth of prizes.

Leverage Your Campaign To Promote

Providing regular updates for your community is an important part of building a relationship with customers. You can however use these updates for marketing purposes.

This example shows a customer usins their updates to promote a contest that allows their backers to win an advance copy of the final product. A fantastic way to get your backers to promote the campaign to other potential backers.

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