23 November 2017

Include + Exclude Locations

You can now choose whether you want to include or exclude countries in the Allowed Locations section of campaign setup.

Target entrants by country using our new Allowed Locations filter

You can only use one at a time, so either exclude countries or include countries.

10 November 2017

Twitter Actions

Twitter actions now support up to 280 characters (instead of the previous 140 limit).

19 October 2017

Rewards Improvements

Today we rolled out a few small improvements for Rewards:

  • Restricting number of claims to a unique IP address
  • The Promote Action now works with Rewards, so you can have a Promote action in a Competition that awards entries only when a Reward is fully claimed (i.e. a Coupon code or something similar)

9 October 2017

User Details / Custom Fields Improvements

We've pushed out some nice updates to the Custom Fields functionality on the User Details tab of your campaigns.

You can now:

  • Ask users to submit a URL (and it'll validate)
  • Question now has a placeholder and a max word count limit
  • State Dropdowns now allow you to add an Other option which defaults to a freeform input
  • The Other option has also been added to Select + Large Select Custom Field types
  • New: Radio Button Custom Field type
  • New: Multi Checkbox Custom Field type
  • New: Text Block Custom Field type
  • Option to Autotick checkboxes
  • Improved spacing of form fields on mobile devices
Improved Custom Fields for the User Details form in Gleam widget

28 September 2017

Facebook Open Graph + Viral Share Notice

Facebook made a change recently that now prevents publishers from directly modifying Link Previews. We used to be able to pass through all of the Viral Share data (Title, Description, Image) so that when shared, your link preview looked consistent whether the user was sharing the Gleam Hosted Landing Page, or your own Landing Page.

With this change we are no longer able to edit Previews when a user Viral Shares from your own landing page (i.e. if the widget is embedded on a landing page or blog post). Instead Facebook will show the Open Graph tags associated with your page.

If you're using the Gleam Hosted Landing Page then you do not need to worry about this.

We now provide your Open Graph tags on the Code/Install tab of the campaign for you to add to any landing pages you are installing a Gleam campaign on.

Open Graph tags are now automatically generated for Gleam campaigns

You can also debug how your campaign will look when shared by putting your Landing Page into the Facbeook Debugger.

Facebook crawls these tags periodically so if you make changes you will need to use the Scrape Again option in the Debugger to refresh them.

17 September 2017

Support For ActiveCampaign Custom FIelds

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports ActiveCampaign.

16 September 2017

Support For Campaign Monitor + Klaviyo Custom Fields

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports Campaign Monitor and Klaviyo.

17 August 2017

Gallery Voting Updates

Today we've pushed out the first in a round of changes to help improve the frontend and backend voting experience for campaigns.

We've removed the IP/Session selection on voting and added:

  • Anonymous: Allows users to vote on Galleries without logging in
  • Social Login: Requires users to connect Facebook to vote, this will also capture their Name/Email address

There's also a number of other features we've rolled out in the backend:

  • There's now a voting tab so you can see what's being voted on in real-time
  • Votes are now subject to our Fraud Filtering rules (similar to those on Competitions) to better protect your campaigns, this is something we'll be continually tweaking as we see the data
  • Gallery items can now be filtered by type, date range and full text search - making it easier for you to filter and view your content
  • Gallery language can now be chosen (and overriden from within the Gallery)

11 August 2017

Support For AWeber Custom Fields

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports AWeber (and more providers on the way) ๐Ÿ•บ

12 July 2017

Amazon Associates Links

We no longer allow you to use Amazon Associates links in campaigns, you must link directly to the products without these tags.

23 June 2017

Custom Field Sync

Today we're rolling out the first iteration of our Custom Field Sync for Subscribe actions. This will allow you to sync any Custom Fields from the User Details form to supported email providers.

New Feature: Custom Field Sync for Subscribe Actions in Gleam.io

Initial rollout supports Mailchimp & ConverKit with more on the way.

We're also planning to allow you to sync hidden fields like Viral Share URL, Country & Referrer soon.

6 June 2017

Improvements to Winner Drawing

Today we've rolled out some new improvements to the process for drawing winners.

Improvements to Gleam Competition's winner draw process

You can now choose:

  • How many winners you want to draw at a time
  • The timerange from those winners (Pro and above)
  • Whether you want unique winners or want to allow the same user to win more than once

29 May 2017

Delay + Question Options For Visit Actions

Quite often when you use a Visit action you might want to ensure a user spends a certain amount of time on the visited page, or even ask them a question about the content to verify that they actually visited.

Advanced Visit Options for Visit Actions in Gleam.io

All visit actions now support:

  • The ability to add a delay which ensures the user spends x seconds on the visited page
  • The ability to ask a Freeform question, or ask users to select an answer from a dropdown

This can also be useful for Facebook or Instagram Visit actions where you might ask a user if they Follow you or not.

24 May 2017

Reporting + Graphing Date Ranges / Billing Contacts / Secret Code

For this release we've added some new capabilities to our reporting:

  • You can now drill down into specific date ranges inside reporting on Competitions, Rewards and Captures
  • The other parts of reporting will also reflect those dates (i.e. Viral Shares and Top Users)
  • Look at campaign performance on your dashboard for specific date ranges
  • Graphs now have hover elements that show you a snapshot for that time period
New Feature: Campaign reporting for Gleam campaigns

Billing Contacts

You can now set a billing contact against a specific credit card in your Account tab. This will override the invoice details allowing you to have more specific fields like Name/Address/VAT/Tax details.

New Feature: Add new Billing contacts in your Gleam.io account

Secret Code Multiple Uses

The Secret Code action now has an option to allow multiple users to use the same code.

8 May 2017

Prize Area Improvements + Multiple Images

We've added some enhancements to the Prize are for users on Pro + Business plans:

  • Business: You can now add multiple Prize images to a carousel, test it out below!
  • Pro: We've consildated videos in the Prize Area with a new Feature Video only option. You can add YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

26 April 2017

Tab Install Improvements

Just a few updates to the Tab installation method for Competitions and Rewards:

  • Turning off this install method will actually turn it off now
  • You can now hide the Tab via the position dropdown menu (rather than using CSS to do it)

21 April 2017

Gallery Leaderboard Improvement

The Leaderboard on Gallery will now continue to show even if you disable voting.

20 April 2017

New Feature Checking For Plans

We'll now let you know which features you will lose when downgrading your plan. This has a few consequences:

  • If you're on a paid plan then downgrade to Free but still have an active campaign with paid features it will end when your plan ends.
  • The same will happen if you're on Business but change to Pro when you still have an active campaign that has Business features. You are given the opportunity to remove these features.

28 March 2017

Improved YouTube Channel Parsing

We've made some improvements to pull the URL's of channels owned by any YouTube entrants. Up until now we were returning their Google+ profile, but that made it hard to contact winners.

So now you'll be able to see the channel of any entrants, which should make it easier to see any entries (if it's a video upload) or contact them when they win.

26 March 2017

Support for Messenger in Viral Shares

Support for Messenger in Viral Shares

You can now enable Messenger in your Viral Share action to allow users to share your campaign to their Messenger contacts.

This action works differently depending on device:

  • On Desktop: It will open up Facebook desktop to send the message
  • On Mobile: It will open up the Messenger app directly to send the message

21 March 2017

Spotify Actions

Spotify Actions

We've just released a new Integration with Spotify for Pro & Business Users, this includes two actions:

14 March 2017

Some Free Plan Changes

We've made some changes to the Free plan to make winner draws more fair and transparent for entrants:

  • Free plans can no longer hide the Total Entries on campaigns
  • Free plans can no longer invalidate non-winner entries
  • Free plans can no longer archive entries

8 March 2017

Tracking API Improvements

We've made some considerable improvements to our Tracking API on Custom actions:

  • We've reduced the number of steps to completion (making it easier for users)
  • The API now auto-completes if a user is logged into the campaign and completes the action. Before they had to physically come back to the widget and click "continue"
  • We've improved tracking in Safari/iOS where 3rd party cookies are disabled by default
  • If the action is set to daily, the user will need to complete the Tracking again (previously they could piggyback off the old tracking and complete the action every day without re-doing it)

20 February 2017

Watch a Video on Wistia Action & Facebook View Post Action

We've added a new Action that allows you to incentivize users to watch any of your videos hosted on Wistia.

New Feature: Watch a Video on Wistia action for Gleam.io

Facebook View Post Action

We've added a new Action in the Facebook category that allows you to draw attention to a specific Facebook post.

New Feature: View a Post on Facebook action for Gleam.io

15 February 2017

Secret Code Action

We've added a new Action for Business users that allow you to award entries to users when they enter a secret code. This can be a unique code or a CSV of codes.

Business allows you to use up to 50k secret codes per campaign, if you have more than that just contact us for a quote.


  • Password protect a campaign
  • Run a treasure hunt
  • Validate OrderID's
  • Validate numbers from Printable Coupons or Flyers
  • Incentivise users to in-store to get a code for more entries
Secret Code Example

9 February 2017

Promote Action

We've added a new action for Pro + Business users that allows you to either:

  • Promote another one of your campaigns
  • Promote a partners campaign

The action will check that the user has entered the Promoted campaign before awarding any entries.

New Feature: Promote Action for Gleam.io

8 February 2017

New Customer Slack Channel

We've launched a new Slack Channel called Gleam Users for customers. You'll see a notification in your account to get an invite ๐Ÿ˜Ž

In the channel you'll be able to:

  • Chat with Gleam Staff
  • Share tips & tricks on how to improve your campaigns
  • Get updated on new product changes or features first
  • Collaborate with other Gleam customers on campaigns

19 January 2017

Vision6 Integration

We've added a new email provider for you to play with :)

New Feature: Vision6 Integration for Gleam.io