May 23, 2024

Improved Phone Number Field for User Details Form

We have improved the phone number field to allow users to pick their country code using a dropdown. You no longer need to validate the field using regex, and we'll pre-select the country code based on the user's location.

Phone number field in user details form for Gleam Competitions

May 20, 2024

New Discord Actions

We're thrilled to announce 2 powerful new Discord actions for your Competitions & Rewards: Discord Server Boost and Discord Server Role. These features unlock exciting possibilities for deeper community engagement and rewarding your most dedicated members.

  • Discord Server Boost: Motivate your community to Boost your server by rewarding them with Competition entries! This incentivizes members to come together and unlock performance boost and new features, which directly translates to a more vibrant community.
  • Discord Server Role: Recognize and reward your loyal supporters! Grant Competition entries to users with specific server roles. This allows you to create exclusive experiences for dedicated members and incentivize them to participate in specific server activities, such as verifying their identity, becoming a paid customer, becoming an affiliate, etc.

Here are some ideas on how you can take your Discord campaigns to the next level:

  • Multiple Server Rewards: Run Competitions where users can earn entries for joining multiple Discord servers you manage. This can be a great strategy for organizations with various sub-communities.
  • Create Entry Tiers with Roles: Assign different entry weights to different Discord server roles. For example, moderator roles might unlock more entries compared to standard roles.

Ready to take your Discord community to the next level?

Use our Discord Giveaway template to get started:

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April 8, 2024

Improved Share on LinkedIn Action

We've made the Share on LinkedIn action easier to set up in the admin interface. It is also more intuitive for contestants to share your campaign to their LinkedIn Feed.

The Share on LinkedIn feature is great for getting users to share about your Gleam campaign on LinkedIn. It could also be used for custom URLs, such as a new blog post, a new product line, or an upcoming event.

Users will need to write a post on their LinkedIn feed to share your link. You can provide instructions & examples to help them.

To get a feel for how it works, have a play with the demo below:

Share on LinkedIn action remains available on the Business plan and above.

March 18, 2024

New Kick Action

The new Kick Action allows you to grant entries to users who follow your Kick channel.

You can pair this action with a Secret Code action to grant bonus entries to loyal Kick subscribers. You can do this by messaging paid subscribers a special secret code they can enter to gain the extra entries.

The Follow on Kick action is available on the Hobby plan and above for Gleam Competitions, and Pro plan and above for Gleam Rewards.

March 4, 2024

Add to Calendar Action

The Add to Calendar action is now available on the Pro plan and above for Competitions & Rewards.

This action allows you to create a calendar event which then prompts the user to save it to their preferred Calendar app. We support iCal, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, and Outlook on the web.

Here are some ideas on how to use Add to Calendar:

Boost Participation: Encourage users to save Competition deadlines and event reminders directly to their calendars with a single click. This increases the likelihood of them participating and staying engaged throughout the entire Competition lifecycle.

Streamline User Experience: Offer a seamless and convenient way for users to stay informed about critical dates and events straight from their own calendar. For example, the launch date of a sales campaign, or the closing date for submission.