December 26, 2018

Improvements to Viral Share Tracking

Today we're rolling out a big change to the way Viral Share links are created and tracked. This change adds additional URL tracking parameters to ensure switching between in-app browsers and Safari when sharing links doesn't lose tracking.

This improvement requires us to change how Share URL's are generated, as such you will not longer be able to generate or guess the share link for a campaign without entering it directly.

December 21, 2018

Question Action Now Validates Answers / Rewards Codes Improvements

We've made improvements to our Question action to allow the validation of correct answers.

Try it out below:

We've pushed out a number of improvements to handling bulk files in Rewards campaigns:

  • You can now Upload codes/URLs via CSV
  • The Claims tab now allows searching and bulk actions on individual claims (rather than just Reset All)
Improvement: Better handling for bulk coupon codes in Gleam Rewards

December 17, 2018

New Capture Templates

Today, we're rolling out a range of 17 new Capture templates to help you convert more leads and customers.

Gleam Capture template for a pop-up form including one email field

This includes a new Notification Bar category to help with onsite announcements.

Gleam Notification Bar template for making onsite announcements

December 4, 2018

Gallery Presentation Mode

Today, we've released a new feature for Business customers on our Gallery plan.

When your Gallery is Fullscreen you have the ability to automatically switch between approved media within a given timeframe, you can enable this by turning on Presentation Mode in the Advanced tab.

This update also features:

  • Live refresh if your Gallery is showing Most Recent
  • Scroll to preview will move the background Gallery to where the image is located when showing it

November 21, 2018

Google Ads Pixel Tracking

We've added the ability to track conversions from Google Adwords campaigns via our Pixel Tracking feature:

New Feature: Pixel tracking for Google Ads in Gleam