November 24, 2015

Issues With Links - Resolved

We are currently experiencing a DNS outage for our domain that we use to power Viral Share links. The outage appears to be impacting all .nr domains.

This means that Viral Links created in the past may not be resolving for users trying to access them. We are waiting on resolution from the DNS Operations team that control the .nr TLD.

In the meantime you can enable your integration under Settings > Integrations to get around this problem.

Keep an eye out on Twitter for updates.

November 23, 2015

Webhooks (Beta)

We've rolled out the initial stages of our support for Webhooks. This allows you to send data from Subscribe actions (including custom fields) to your own specified endpoint.

New Feature: Webhooks Integration for

It's currently in BETA for Business customers, just submit a support ticket.

You can now split the User Details form up into multiple steps if you want to capture certain details from a campaign.

Step 1 - User Details

New Feature: Multi-page custom field seperators for User Details form

Step 2 - Custom Fields

Create custom fields in the User Details form

November 9, 2015

New Installation Methods for Gleam Competitions

We've made available 2 new button types for the Tab Install in Competitions. You can see one in action on our Competitions page.

October 29, 2015

New WYSIWYG Action Builder

We just released a visual builder for creating content inside actions (and a few other places like terms & conditions). This also comes with a bonus button generator which supports the usual Font Awesome icons 😎

New WYSIWYG Action Builder in

October 27, 2015

Improved Facebook Visit Action

We've improved our Facebook Visit action to function in a similar way to our Google+ Visit.

This now means that it's a two step process:

  • User Visits Facebook Page
  • Has the chance to Optionally Like the Page or click Continue.
Improvements to the Facebook Visit Action on

Up until now submitting media from different social sources required multiple actions. We've listened to customers who want a flexible consolidated media submit action.

Improvements to the Submit Media Action on

Facebook Photo submit actions now function more like Instagram and Twitter by pulling in the last 21 photos to select from. Facebook Photo Submit now also supports #hashtag filtering too.

Improvements to Facebook & Twitter for the Submit Media Action

We've also increased the number of historical Twitter messages we'll scan looking for images.

All media submit actions now have duplicate photo checking, we were seeing issues were users could submit the same image over and over again.

Upload actions now support the ability to allow users to add a Caption to their photo.

New Feature: Ask for a Caption in the Upload Action

This caption will also flow through to Galleries.