May 23, 2024

Improved Phone Number Field for User Details Form

We have improved the phone number field to allow users to pick their country code using a dropdown. You no longer need to validate the field using regex, and we'll pre-select the country code based on the user's location.

Phone number field in user details form for Gleam Competitions

April 12, 2024

Changes to Facebook Imports

Due to recent API changes from Facebook, the Facebook Post to Page import source will now be replaced with Facebook Page Mentions.

This change will affect Competition users who are importing Facebook Posts as entries, or Gallery users who are importing images or videos posted on their Facebook Page to a gallery.

The replacement feature allows you to import Facebook posts which mention a specific Facebook page you manage. You can also filter posts based on specified hashtags.

This means that rather than having Facebook users post on the Facebook Page you manage, from now on they will have to mention your Page and post on their own feed. Then, you can import these posts automatically to Competitions or Galleries as usual.

April 8, 2024

Improved Share on LinkedIn Action

We've made the Share on LinkedIn action easier to set up in the admin interface. It is also more intuitive for contestants to share your campaign to their LinkedIn Feed.

The Share on LinkedIn feature is great for getting users to share about your Gleam campaign on LinkedIn. It could also be used for custom URLs, such as a new blog post, a new product line, or an upcoming event.

Users will need to write a post on their LinkedIn feed to share your link. You can provide instructions & examples to help them.

To get a feel for how it works, have a play with the demo below:

Share on LinkedIn action remains available on the Business plan and above.

April 15, 2023

Improvements for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories imported from your Instagram Business account will now be displayed in a carousel if they are posted within the same day. This allows you to display Instagram Stories with better context if they are promoting the same campaign on a particular day.

The carousel mode also resembles Instagram's design so that users can feel familiar while interacting with your Gallery.

The Instagram Stories posted on the same day can still be moderated individually. If the first Story imported for a particular day is rejected, the next approved Story will take its place in the carousel.

March 15, 2023

Improvements to Capture Campaign Data

As part of our initiative to improve Gleam Capture's campaign reporting, we are gradually introducing some enhancements to the Captures dashboard, and reconstructing Capture visitor & lead data to contain more useful data points to help you make better marketing decisions on your website.

We have also created brand new documentation for Capture Data.

For Click Captures, the Leads tab will now be replaced by the Actions tab, which contains a list of all visitors who interacted with the Click Capture campaign.

Since Click Captures do not have named users, the Leads tab did not report any user data. Although this was the expected behaviour, our Capture customers couldn't access any other information relating to the clicks.

The new Actions tab will allow you to see where & when the click was from. You can also filter the Actions report with a custom date range.

Actions Tab on Gleam Capture campaign

Furthermore, under the Events tab in Reporting, you'll be able to see the number of visitors who dismissed your Capture, or if they clicked on 'No, Thanks' at the second step of a Two-Step Capture.

Events tab on Gleam Capture campaign

Note that there are no changes to data & reporting for Email Captures & Coupon Captures.

To learn more about the different variations of Reporting for all Capture types, check out our new documentation for Capture Data.