December 30, 2016

Drawing + Repicking Winner Improvements

We've pushed a number of changes to improve the experience when drawing a winner:

  • Repicking is now task based, which means no more possible timeouts on huge campaigns or campaigns with lots of winners. You can also repick multiple at once, without waiting for the page to reload
  • Winners now have distinct ordering. This will make it easier to award 1st Prize through to however many Prizes you have
  • Repicking will now maintain the correct order of that winner (previously it'd move the repick to the bottom)

December 16, 2016

Facebook Page Management Improvements

You can now manage your Facebook tabs within the Install tab. Previously you would have to uninstall from within Facebook.

Improvements to the Facebook Tab Manager in Gleam Dashboard

December 5, 2016

Shopify Billing

We've added a handy new option to allow you to pay for Gleam using your Shopify account (rather than Credit Card). This also means that if you uninstall the Shopify app it will also cancel recurring payments on your Gleam account.


October 31, 2016

Zapier & Drip Integration

We've rolled out the BETA of our Zapier integration. This will allow you to sync data from Gleam to any of Zapiers supported providers.

New Feature: Zapier Integration for

We now support users that use Drip as their email provider of choice. You can tag users from Gleam and send them straight into your Drip automations from any of our apps.

New Feature: Drip Integration for

Both of these Integrations are available on Pro and above.


October 25, 2016

Amazon Login

You can now ask users to Login to your campaign via Amazon. Great for businesses that sell on Amazon and want to verify existing customers or for E-commerce businesses who want to ensure a user has an Amazon account.

New Feature: Gleam Contestants can login with Amazon account