December 22, 2022

See Wins in Contestant Profile

You can now see Winner details from a Contestant's profile.

November 11, 2022

Facebook Tab Install Deprecation

Following the deprecation of Facebook Pages Custom Tab API, we will no longer be able to support installing Competition campaigns or Gallery campaigns on a Facebook tab.

As an alternative, you can continue to link Competition campaigns on Facebook using your hosted landing page or host it on your own website to own your traffic.

August 16, 2022

Gallery Templates Are Now Available

We have a brand new library of powerful Gallery templates available for all Gleam users to browse and try.

Browse Gleam Gallery Templates

Collect, curate and display social media content on your website with stylish Gallery widgets. Create social media walls, hashtag campaigns, social media feeds, photo contest galleries and so much more with our templates.

Showcase exciting content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more using #hashtags, @mentions and your own feeds. It's the perfect way to engage website visitors, showcase your community, build trust and drive action.

If you don't have a Gallery plan yet, you can even test out all our templates for free before committing to a subscription.

Check them out today by navigating to Galleries on your Gleam dashboard, and don't forget to leave us feedback & suggestions so we can continue to build more templates for you!


August 15, 2022

We Now Support Instagram Reels Import

Instagram Reels API has been released on the Instagram platform, which means we can now query for Reels while selecting media from Instagram Accounts, or from #hashtags.

This new import source is available for our following apps:

  • Submit Media for Competitions & Rewards: Entrants can select Reels from their account to submit to your campaign. Available on the Competitions Pro plan and above.
  • Import Action for Competitions: You can now import Reels from entrants to enter your Competitions, for example, while running video contests. Available on the Competitions/Rewards Pro plan and above.
  • Instagram Import Source for Galleries: You can now import Reels into your Galleries using the profile, mentions, and #hashtag import sources for Instagram. Available on all Gallery plans.

July 1, 2022

Crypto Wallet Address Action

The new Crypto Wallet Address action is now available on the Pro plan and above.

You can use the Crypto Wallet Address action to ask users to provide their cryptocurrency wallet address to gain campaign entries. This allows you to easily run Airdrops and other campaigns where winners receive cryptocurrency.