Capture Base Template Updates

Gleam Updating your base template documentation

Our new & improved Capture base templates have been released and we're migrating all Captures to the new templates on the 31st of August, 2021. In the meantime, you can review & adjust your Captures to make sure they are compatible with our improved templates.

Captures Dashboard

Gleam interface showing captures dashboard with 30 days left to update your capture template alert

First of all, you'll notice some small changes to the Captures dashboard.

We've marked your Captures with the icon to guide you through the updating process.

indicates Captures that need an update.

indicates Captures that have already been updated.

Clicking on any of the icons will bring you to the Capture's editor where you can review & adjust your Capture before publishing.

Once you have updated all your Captures, these icons will automatically disappear and your dashboard will return to its previous state.

Updating All Captures Instantly

If your Captures are not heavily modified with Custom CSS, we recommend using our one-click option to automatically update all your Captures to the new and improved templates.

You can access the Update All Templates button from your Capture dashboard.

update all captures

Update Captures Individually

To preview your Capture before publishing, click on the button from the Capture dashboard, or click on the View Improved Capture button from the individual Capture's page:

view improved capture

Once you enter the Capture editor, you can toggle between New & Old versions to compare them. Feel free to make necessary changes and click on Save when you are done.


Are There New Templates in Capture?

Not yet. These updates are only meant to improve the existing Capture templates available on our platform. From 8/31/2021 we will automatically move all your Captures to these updated templates.

How Will My Captures Be Affected?

Aesthetic & responsiveness improvements have been introduced, but it should not significantly impact your existing Captures.

What If The New Template Doesn't Suit My Capture?

You can try replacing it with another Template. To do this, create a new Capture from scratch and pick a new template.

It Looks Bad! What Should I Do?

We're sorry! Introducing new changes to the code base invites the risk of edge cases, and we want to help make your update process easy.

Please send us a Support ticket with relevant screenshots so we can go through the process together. Thank you for being patient with us.