22 December 2014

Silverpop Integration

New email provider added: Silverpop

Silverpop will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

16 December 2014

Highrise Integration

New CRM provider added: Highrise

Highrise will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

15 December 2014

Sendy Integration

New email provider added: Sendy

Sendy will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

12 December 2014

ExactTarget Integration

ExactTarget Integration

New email provider added: ExactTarget

ExactTarget will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

8 December 2014

Twitter Entry Fallbacks

Some of the verification that we use for Tweets do not work in some native apps (ironically the Twitter App), we also have never catered for people that Tweeted outside our widget but still wanted to claim their entries.

Now users can input the URL of a Tweet into the action, this will appear in your Details column for verification.

Manual Tweet Entry URL fallback for Gleam.io

This is currently enabled for the Tweet & Hashtag Twitter action methods.

3 December 2014

Non-Email Capture Type

This is a big update for Capture that allows you to popup Captures that do not ask for emails, but instead allow messages to be displayed or to redirect users elsewhere.

Click-only Pop Up forms for Gleam Capture

This has a number of great uses:

  • Letting users know about your special offers on certain pages
  • Letting users know from certain countries that you ship to them
  • Displaying messages inside your add about new features
  • Forwarding users to signup for a membership
  • Alerting users about anything going on

As you can see there's thousands of potential applications for this feature, we hope you enjoy using it :)

2 December 2014

iContact Integration

New email provider added: iContact

iContact will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

26 November 2014

Show Tweet URL in Details Column

If we know the URL when someone Tweets within Gleam we'll now show it in the Details column when browsing actions.

18 November 2014

Language Updates

All existing languages brought up to date with new features.

Danish & Norwegian languages have been added.

12 November 2014

Capture App (Beta)

We have released our Capture app, which allows you to capture and send email to over 21 email providers using advanced behavioural rules on your website. More info our our email capture page.

Gleam Capture App is now in BETA

11 November 2014

User Profiles

We're now starting to allow deeper drilling into individual user data. You'll be able to see which users have entered which competitions & how they are connected to your site.

Here's an example test user with some information:

Individual user data report from Gleam.io

We will continue to improve this page over time.

16 October 2014

Added Vero As An Email Provider

You can now tag your emails in Vero from Gleam campaigns.

15 October 2014

Responsive Sidebar

When the screen width gets below a 1000px you'll start to see a reduced width sidebar to improve user experience on smaller screens.

Responsive admin sidebar for Gleam.io Dashboard

14 October 2014

Inline Help Inside App

You can now load help articles from within the app by clicking on the ? icons next to any fields.

Inline documentation within the Gleam app

13 October 2014

Feature Image Now in Promote Emails

If you're a Business user that uses our promote functionality then you're in for a treat. Your feature images will now show when you promote to existing entrants.

Feature Image for Competitions now appear in Mass Promote Emails

7 October 2014

New Facebook Visit Action / Simplified Visit Action

This action update is to comply the the new Facebook changes due on 5th November.

The visit action now gives entries into a competition for visiting a Facebook page, asking users to Like the page is completely optional.

Visit a Page Action with Optional Like Button for Gleam.io

Simplified Visit Action

We've now added a new default option to the Visit action, this should make it easier for it to setup. The advanced HTML option still exists for users more comfortable with HTML.

Simplified Visit a Page Action for Gleam.io

15 September 2014

Automatic Entry After Login First

Previously if you had login first enabled on a competition users wouldn't get an entry for logging in. They would still have to complete an action afterwards.

Award Entry to Users for Logging In

Enabling automatic entry when setting up a contest with login first will now give users an entry for filling out their details.

Offer entries to users when they fill in details

1 September 2014

New Email & CRM Providers

We're continuing to roll out more support for email providers:

21 August 2014

YouTube + Twitch Widget Layouts

We've added 2 more layouts to the widget aimed at broadcasters on YouTube & Twitch.

This update allows you to run a contest live whilst broadcasting, or create a video to walk users through your giveaway & plug your sponsors :)

Embed YouTube & Twitch Videos in your Gleam widget

10 August 2014

New Email Providers

We've added a number of new supported email providers (with more on the way):

3 August 2014

Improved Widget Layout / Reward Emails

You now have the ability to select from multiple widget prize layouts when setting up competitions or rewards.

  • Text only
  • Small image + text
  • Feature image
  • Feature image + text
  • Feature image + campaign name + text

Reward Emails

Up until this point claimed rewards were never emailed to users, well if your reward now ticks the capture contact details box we will send out an email once the reward is successfully claimed.

Post-redemption email for Gleam Rewards

Custom Reward Emails

This change above also means that you can use the the custom HTML emails on the Post Entry tab to send out a custom email when a reward is redeemed.

Just note that if you require users to virally refer friends the email will not go out until they have successfully referred enough friends that also complete at least 1 action.

28 July 2014

Minimum Age

We've added a number of different ways to ensure users are over a specific age range before entering any of your campaigns. You'll find this option as a dropdown during the first step of setup.

  • 13+
  • 18+
  • 21+

You can allow users to enter their birthdate with US or Rest of the world date configuration, or you can allow it to be a checkbox.

Ask for User's Date of Birth in Gleam widget

24 July 2014

Facebook Install Rework

We've completely reworked our Facebook install for Competitions & Rewards.

New improvements for Facebook Tab Install tool

You can now:

  • Install to multiple pages
  • Install up to 3 tabs on the 1 page
  • Share your installation with partners
  • Name the tab created
  • Replace/remove existing tabs

21 July 2014

Gallery Rework

The Gallery app has had some improvements:

  • You can now vote on entries
  • Sorting improvements
  • Improved layout options
  • Facebook install for Galleries
Improvements for the Gleam Gallery app

15 July 2014

New Pinterest Board Action

This update sees the addition of a new Pinterest action type. This allows you to ask users to pin images from a board of your choice onto their own custom board as an action.

New Feature: Pinterest Action for Gleam.io

13 July 2014

German & French Languages

We've added two long awaited languages to the widget. Pro users can now select French & German.

7 July 2014

Infrastructure Upgrade

This is a big update that the team have been working on for a while. As Gleam has been growing we need to ensure we have enough capacity to continue that growth into the future.

This infrastructure update sees us move to load balanced setup that has multiple failover options for frontend servers & backend services.

We estimate this particular setup should allow us to grow for at least another 2 years.

30 June 2014

Advanced Competition Tab (Beta)

We rolled out the first version of our advanced Competition tab. This feature is only available to Business users.

Widget Text Overrides

This update allows users to update any text within the widget in any language. This would allow you to add translations for you own language, or just change a field to make it work for your particular campaign.

unlock_heading_plural: "<i class='fas fa-lock'></i> You can get %{count} more entries"
notify_other: "Sign me up to the weekly comp email, thanks (optional)"

Custom Additional Fields

Additional fields allow you to capture more information from users during your campaign.

Additional User Details Demo

Custom Emails

This is a very raw first version of custom emails allowing you to add your own raw HTML of the entry completion email, if you want to add images or external content then you must host it yourself on Dropbox or your own file server.

29 June 2014

Filtering of Questions or Custom Actions

On your reporting screen you can now filter by questions or custom actions, this is a much needed feature for competitions that require a game of skill to enter. It saves you having to page through thousands of entries looking for the answers to your questions.

Improved Entry/Action reporting filters in Gleam dashboard

28 June 2014

Viral Share Email Support / Automatic Competition Popup

You can now allow users to automatically create an email with a prefilled viral share link :)

Improved email support for Viral Share action

Send emails directly from Viral Share action

Automatic Competition Popup

We've added some new options to our overlay popup that allow you to automatically show the competition to users when they first visit your site, or show it to them as they're about to leave.

Trigger the Competition to appear on your website based on user behaviour

4 May 2014

Galleries v1.0 / Twitter Tweet Length

Galleries v1.0 / Twitter Tweet Length

We're very happy to announce the first release of our Gallery app, this will allow you to showoff any photo or media uploaded to your competitions in a gallery.

  • Must be linked to a competition
  • If linked to an active competitions users can enter from the gallery
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Business plan users can edit styles using custom CSS
  • Moderation is available, you can choose to approve images before they show
  • Galleries can be embedded anywhere

You'll see additional functionality come to galleries over the coming months, including voting, hashtag inclusion & more :)

Twitter Tweet Length

Previously we threw up validation errors when your Tweets were too long. Now you get to see a live preview of tweet length (including the link) so you know what room you have to play with.

24 April 2014

Wordpress Plugin v1.0

Wordpress Plugin v1.0

We just released v1.0 of our Wordpress competition plugin that allows you to use a shortcode to add competitions to your blog posts without having to paste in any Gleam embed code.

14 April 2014

Multiple Language Support

We have painstakingly moved every phrase in the Gleam widget into an easily translatable format, this allows us to add new languages quickly.

Business users now have the ability to choose the widget language in a dropdown when creating the campaign.

Multiple language support for Gleam Competitions widget

Current supported languages:

30 March 2014

Instagram Hashtag Verification

We added the ability to restrict images submitted from Instagram to a certain hashtag. This allows you to align your contest with other Hashtag related promotions or advertising you have running.

Hashtag verification for Instagram photo submissions in Gleam Competitions

22 March 2014

Twitch Integration

We added some new entry methods for users that stream on Twitch. You can now run competitions & ask users to enter by logging in with Twitch or by following your channel.

New Feature: Twitch.tv Integration for Gleam.io

16 March 2014

Login First Released

You can now opt to ask for users to login to Gleam before seeing the entry methods to your competition. This is a fantastic feature if you have a lot of entry methods specific to a certain type of network, or you want to get the user logged in before they can see your competition.

Allow users to login first before completing actions on Gleam

15 March 2014

Instagram Video Support

Instagram Video Support

We now support Instagram videos across all Instagram action types. This means you can choose a video to upload as a contest entry or allow users to like a video.

14 March 2014

FullScreen Integration

FullScreen Integration

Today we have released an integration for FullScreen creators to use the Gleam platform for competitions within YouTube.

7 March 2014

Improved Fraud Detection

Improved Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection filter now runs in real-time which means that invalid entries won't make it into your user database or get sent to any email providers.

5 March 2014

Disable Like Gate

Pro & Business users can now completely disable the Like Gate if required. This means Facebook users that click on your tab would get taken straight through to the contest (rather than the Like Gate).

4 March 2014

Added MX Check & Bad Email Check to Fraud Filter

We now do a number of checks to validate a domain or email address exists. We've built a number of rules to prompt users to correct mispelled domains also (i.e. homail.com).

3 March 2014

Search Entries on Pro

We have now given Pro users the ability to search through entry/action data on any campaign.

20 February 2014

Ask Questions on Visit Actions

You now have the ability to ask a user a question after they complete a visit action, this means you could ask them a question about the page they just visited.

16 February 2014

YouTube Subscribe Action

You now have the ability to ask a user a question after they complete a visit action, this means you could ask them a question about the page they just visited.

11 February 2014

User Export

You can now export a complete list of your users, including relevant information to CSV from your users area.

10 February 2014

Entry Archive

There's now an additional option to archive existing entries when picking winners for your contests. This means that once you pick winners, you can essentially reset the data to 0 again. Useful when running ongoing contests so you don't have to create a new one every time.

5 February 2014

Campaign Monitor Integration

Another integration added, you can now instantly send users from contests to any Campaign Monitor list that you want!

1 February 2014

Agency Platform Released

We now offer a completely white label solution for agencies that want to run Gleam on their own domain.

30 January 2014

First Name & Last Name Parsing

We now automatically parse out the first name & last name from entrants so it accurately can get sent to email providers in a consistant format.

23 January 2014

Post Action Tracking Pixels

Business & Agency clients now have the ability to trigger a tracking pixel after specific actions are fired. Useful if you use 3rd party tracking tools or retargeting pixels.

14 January 2014

Custom Fields

You can now add any multitude of additional fields when capturing information from users during signup. Available on the Business plan & upwards.