Keep up to Date With Gleam Features Updates for 2015

24th November

Issues With Links - Resolved

We are currently experiencing a DNS outage for our domain that we use to power Viral Share links. The outage appears to be impacting all .nr domains.

This means that Viral Links created in the past may not be resolving for users trying to access them. We are waiting on resolution from the DNS Operations team that control the .nr TLD.

In the meantime you can enable your integration under Settings > Integrations to get around this problem.

Keep an eye out on Twitter for updates.

23rd November

Webhooks (Beta)

We've rolled out the initial stages of our support for Webhooks. This allows you to send data from Subscribe actions (including custom fields) to your own specified endpoint.

New Feature: Webhooks Integration for

It's currently in BETA for Business customers, just submit a support ticket.

Multi-page Custom Field Separator

You can now split the User Details form up into multiple steps if you want to capture certain details from a campaign.

Step 1 - User Details

New Feature: Multi-page custom field seperators for User Details form

Step 2 - Custom Fields

Create custom fields in the User Details form

9th November

New Installation methods for Gleam Competitions

We've made available 2 new button types for the Tab Install in Competitions. You can see one in action on our Competitions page.

29th October

New WYSIWYG Action Builder

We just released a visual builder for creating content inside actions (and a few other places like terms & conditions). This also comes with a bonus button generator which supports the usual Font Awesome icons 😎

New WYSIWYG Action Builder in

27th October

Improved Facebook Visit Action

We've improved our Facebook Visit action to function in a similar way to our Google+ Visit.

This now means that it's a two step process:

  • User Visits Facebook Page
  • Has the chance to Optionally Like the Page or click Continue.
Improvements to the Facebook Visit Action on

New Media Submit Action

Up until now submitting media from different social sources required multiple actions. We've listened to customers who want a flexible consolidated media submit action.

Improvements to the Submit Media Action on

Facebook + Twitter Photo Submit Improvements

Facebook Photo submit actions now function more like Instagram and Twitter by pulling in the last 21 photos to select from. Facebook Photo Submit now also supports #hashtag filtering too.

Improvements to Facebook & Twitter for the Submit Media Action

We've also increased the number of historical Twitter messages we'll scan looking for images.

Photo Duplicate Checking

All media submit actions now have duplicate photo checking, we were seeing issues were users could submit the same image over and over again.

Photo Captions

Upload actions now support the ability to allow users to add a Caption to their photo.

New Feature: Ask for a Caption in the Upload Action

This caption will also flow through to Galleries.

25th September

Improved Interval Options For Photo Submit + Import Actions

Improved Interval Options for Upload & Import Actions

Up until recently you could only allow users to submit a single photo or submit a photo daily. This works well for widget based submissions but is not ideal when you're importing data from #hashtags.

We've improved this to allow you to choose how often you'd like users to be able to submit a photo, this will also propagate to the #hashtag import part of the action:

  • Once will only pull in the first #hashtag from that user we find
  • Hourly will pull in the first #hashtag that we find in the hour
  • Daily will pull in the first #hashtag we find from that day
  • Unlimited will pull in all images for all users

21st September

6 New Email Providers

6 New Email Provider Integrations on

We've added support for 6 new email providers, they work will all campaign types.

10th August

MailerLite Integration

New Feature: MailerLite Integration for

We've added MailerLite to our list of supported email providers. Works on all campaigns including Competitions, Rewards and Captures.

7th August

Unexpected Outage Postmortem Unexpected Outage Postmorterm on 7th August 2015

At 3.55am AEST we started getting notifications of degraded performance across our network. Then suddenly, everything stopped working, none of our servers were talking to one another.

As a startup this is your worst nightmare, entire systems just failing during the middle of the night without explanation. We are actually prepared for this scenario with redundant failovers of systems.

But this was different, all our hardware was completely fine. For some reason none of the servers were able to communicate with each other.

After some back and forth with the datacenter we were notified that some upstream network hardware in the datacenter failed, which had completely killed the internal network. So our servers could accept information from the outside, but not transmit it internally (when you have 20+ servers this is a fairly serious problem). We waited for them to replace the hardware and restore the network which happened at 4.41am AEST.

We're sincerely sorry for what happened this morning, even 1 minute of downtime is unacceptable for us.

6th August

Backend UI Updates

Backend UI Updates for the Gleam platform

We've added a few features to improve the backend UI experience, particularly when it comes to accessing or dealing with larger amounts of data.

Multi-select Rows + Filtering Improvements

Multi-Select Rows & Filtering Improvements on the Gleam Dashboard

We've improved the ability to filter and manipulate data in tables across the app. This means you can delete actions in bulk, invalidate them and even moderate images in bulk inside Galleries.

Users Page Filtering

You can not also filter your users page by campaigns, this means you can see a rollup of total activity by user (and also export it).

Exporting at a campaign level will also export the Viral Share URL incase you need to do a mid-campaign blast or update to users asking them to share again.

21st July

New URL Shortening Engine

New Feature: URLs for Gleam campaigns

You may not be aware but for a long time we were exclusively using to shorten links inside campaigns. made some changes earlier in the year that started limiting accounts to 10k shortens a month, a limit that we would use up in about 10 minutes.

We still allow you to use your own account under Settings > Integrations, however we needed a solution to shorten links for everyone.

Today we're pleased to announce the rollout of, our short domain for campaigns. It's even shorter than, and what's more we don't need to worry about any limits now.

It'll be on by default on any campaign, unless of course you activate the integration.


5th July

Backend Dashboard Improvements

Backend Dashboard Improvements for Gleam

We've made some backend changes to improve how fast campaign stats are displayed in the backend. No more waiting for stats to load, should be instantenous now (even on large campaigns with Millions of entries).

3rd July

Improved Choosing Winners

Improved winner picking process in Gleam Dashboard

We've pushed some updates to make the process of picking winners for your giveaways much easier. In the past it was a 3 step process to revoke each invalid winner (which sucked).

  • You can pick winners without needing to refresh the page (wow!)
  • Can repick a winner in a single click now.
  • You can also revoke winners in a single click.


4th June

Google+ Updates - New Visit Action

We've made some changes to bring our Google+ action more in line with the Facebook Visit action and Google's guidelines. It's now a two step process.

Visit on Google+ Action for

Once you complete the visit part of the action the user can optionally +1 your page or follow your page. You can choose which secondary action you would like the user to take during setup.

Visit on Google+ Action with Follow option for

16th May

New Custom Email Builder

New Feature: Custom Email Builder for Gleam

8th May

Steam Actions

New Feature: Steam Actions on

1st May

Additional Contestant Details Editor

New Feature: Editor for Custom Fields in User Details form

23rd April

Eventbrite Integration

New Feature: Eventbrite Integration for

Updated Icon Picker With 600+ Icons

New Feature: Updated Icon Picker with 600+ Icons on

22nd April

Auto Expanding Actions

We've push an update to widgets that will now auto expand the first action for both Competitions & Rewards if:

  • There's only 1 action
  • If there's only 1 mandatory action

This allows for a much cleaner user experience (and also allows you to draw attention to a particular action first).

Single Action will now auto-expand in Gleam widget

2nd April

Tumblr Actions

New actions added for Tumblr, available for Pro users.

New Feature: Tumblr Actions for

16th February 2015

Teams (Beta)

We have a new feature that's going live in beta for select customers today. Invite users from your organisation or agency to manage campaigns with the new Teams feature.

New Feature: Invite Team Members to manage your Gleam Site

16th January 2015

Hashtag Entry Import (Beta)

We now allow you to import photo entries into campaigns from:

  • Twitter hashtags
  • Instagram hashtags
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook page tags

Business users will notice extra options below the Submit Photo From action types.

15th January 2015

Mailchimp Groups

You can now send subscribers in campaigns to specific Mailchimp groups during integration setup. This works on all campaign types.

Improvements to Mailchimp Integration for

15th January 2015

Gallery App (Beta)

We have re-released our Gallery app, which now includes beautiful gallery embedding and also the ability to pull in images via social sources. More info our our social gallery page.

Gleam Gallery is now in BETA

You can check some example galleries on Loot Crate and Beardbrand.

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