31 December 2021

Rewards Templates Available on the Gleam Website

Rewards Templates Available on the Gleam Website

You can now browse all the Gleam Rewards templates on our website.

Browse Gleam Competition Rewards on Our Website

15 November 2021

Templates Library is Live on Our Website

Templates Library is Live on Our Website

You can now browse all the Gleam Competition templates on our website, including Quick Draws.

Browse Gleam Competition Templates on Our Website

27 July 2021

Behavioural Changes to Follow a Channel on Twitch Action

Following Twitch's deprecation of their Follow, Create and Delete API endpoints, we've made some adjustments to our Follow a Channel on Twitch action.

Previously, our Follow a Channel on Twitch action allowed entrants to 'one-click' follow your channel directly from the Gleam widget.

Now, entrants will have to manually open your channel in a new window, click 'Follow', then come back to the Gleam widget and click on 'Continue'.

It's worth noting that although the follow step is now manual, we still verify the entrant's follow status before giving out entries:

12 July 2021

TikTok Actions

TikTok Actions

The View on TikTok Action is now available on Hobby plans or above for Competitions and Rewards.

This action allows you to drive more views for your TikTok videos by having entrants watch it directly from inside the Gleam widget. After 15 seconds, entrants can claim their entries.

7 June 2021

New & Improved Capture Templates

New & Improved Capture Templates

We've come a long way since the BETA days for Gleam Capture!

Existing base templates are going to be deprecated on the 31st of August, 2021.

You can no longer create new Captures with the old templates, but we have replaced them with new & improved versions, so you can provide a more pleasant experience to website visitors.

The new templates have:

  • Email & user icons in form fields

  • Improved alignment between form elements

  • Softer edges around Capture form borders

New base templates are immediately available when you create a new Capture, based on your existing plan.

Migrating Existing Captures

To assist in migrating existing Captures to the new & improved version, we've made some changes to the Captures dashboard to help you make adjustments. Users with affected Captures have been contacted via email.

For more information on the migration process, refer to our documentation.

14 May 2021

Bandcamp Action

Bandcamp Action

The Follow on Bandcamp Action is now available on Hobby plans or above for Competitions and Rewards.

This action allows you to send fans to your Bandcamp page with the option to follow you on the platform. This channel is fantastic for fans to receive notifications when you add new music or merch. What's more, purchases from fans can create ripple effects across the entire Bandcamp community through recommendations and tag hubs, increasing your overall visibility in the Bandcamp ecosystem.

This action supports both Bandcamp URLs as well as custom domains.

Check out our guide on promoting your music with Gleam. We offer tips on promoting your music, driving ticket sales as well as growing your online fanbase.

30 April 2021

Support For Facebook Conversions API Tracking

Support For Facebook Conversions API Tracking

Gleam now supports Pixel Tracking through Facebook's Conversion API.

You can use the Facebook Conversion API to fire Impressions when users load your campaign and Leads when they enter your campaign. This is fantastic for tracking Conversions, creating Custom Audiences and running Retargetting campaigns.

Learn more about how to setup Pixel Tracking with Facebook Conversions API.

The Facebook Conversions API is not affected by Ad Blockers or Apple's iOS 14 Requirements.

21 April 2021

Support For Ukrainian Language

The Ukrainian language is now supported in our Competitions and Rewards widgets. Users on a Pro plan or above can now translate their widget into Ukrainian.

11 March 2021

Templates Library / Quick Draws

Templates Library / Quick Draws

We now offer brand new comprehensive Template libraries for Competitions and Rewards.

Gleam's Competition Templates Library

Our templates are the perfect way you for you to find inspiration and run the campaigns perfectly tailored to your unique goals without any hassle or fuss. For example, we cover social media contests, customer surveys, testimonial campaigns, and much more.

Templates range from Free to Premium plans, and cover a massive range of objectives, social networks and industries.

Log in and check them out today, and don't forget to leave us feedback & suggestions so we can continue to build more templates for you!

Quick Draws

Gleam introduces Quick Draws feature

We're also very excited to launch the Quick Draws feature. Our brand new interface allows you to present beautiful Competition live draws on social media or stream.

The templates available are:

19 January 2021

Instant Terms & Conditions / Changes to Prize Setup

Instant Terms & Conditions / Changes to Prize Setup

Gleam now automatically generates ready-to-publish, globally compliant and personalised Terms & Conditions for Competitions on all plans.

Terms are generated using our dynamic universal template and details from your campaign. This gives you a hassle-free way of generating Terms & Conditions and running compliant campaigns without extra effort.

Instant terms & conditions are available to users on all plans, with the option of including additional details and clauses.

Fully custom Terms & Conditions are available to users on the Hobby plan or above.

Changes to Prize Setup

We have added a new Prize Details section to the Prize tab for Competitions setup that allows you to list what prizes you are giving away, how many winners will receive each prize, and optionally the value of each prize.

Configure prize details in Competitions setup

This makes it easier for you to draw winners for campaigns with multiple prizes, and helps us automatically generate Terms & Conditions for your Competition.

Multiple winners & prizes are available to users on all plans.

This change will not affect how prizes are displayed on the public-facing widget, the entrant's visual experience will remain the same.