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21st March

Spotify Actions

We've just released a new Integration with Spotify for Pro & Business Users, this includes two actions:

14th March

Some Free Plan Changes

We've made some changes to the Free plan to make winner draws more fair and transparent for entrants:

  • Free plans can no longer hide the Total Entries on campaigns
  • Free plans can no longer invalidate non-winner entries
  • Free plans can no longer archive entries

8th March

Tracking API Improvements

We've made some considerable improvements to our Tracking API on Custom actions:

  • We've reduced the number of steps to completion (making it easier for users)
  • The API now auto-completes if a user is logged into the campaign and completes the action. Before they had to physically come back to the widget and click "continue"
  • We've improved tracking in Safari/iOS where 3rd party cookies are disabled by default
  • If the action is set to daily, the user will need to complete the Tracking again (previously they could piggyback off the old tracking and complete the action every day without re-doing it)

20th February

Wistia Watch Video Action

We've added a new Action that allows you to incentivize users to watch any of your videos hosted on Wistia.

Facebook View Post Action

We've added a new Action in the Facebook category that allows you to draw attention to a specific Facebook post.

15th February

Secret Code Action

We've added a new Action for Business users that allow you to award entries to users when they enter a secret code. This can be a unique code or a CSV of codes.

Business allows you to use up to 50k secret codes per campaign, if you have more than that just contact us for a quote.


  • Password protect a campaign
  • Run a treasure hunt
  • Validate OrderID's
  • Validate numbers from Printable Coupons or Flyers
  • Incentivise users to in-store to get a code for more entries

Secret Code Example

9th February

Promote Action

We've added a new action for Pro + Business users that allows you to either:

  • Promote another one of your campaigns
  • Promote a partners campaign

The action will check that the user has entered the Promoted campaign before awarding any entries.

8th February

New Customer Slack Channel

We've launched a new Slack Channel called Gleam Users for customers. You'll see a notification in your account to get an invite 😎

In the channel you'll be able to:

  • Chat with Gleam Staff
  • Share tips & tricks on how to improve your campaigns
  • Get updated on new product changes or features first
  • Collaborate with other Gleam customers on campaigns

19th January

Vision6 Integration

We've added a new email provider for you to play with :)

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