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30th December

Drawing + Repicking Winner Improvements

We've pushed a number of changes to improve the experience when drawing a winner:

  • Repicking is now task based, which means no more possible timeouts on huge campaigns or campaigns with lots of winners. You can also repick multiple at once, without waiting for the page to reload
  • Winners now have distinct ordering. This will make it easier to award 1st Prize through to however many Prizes you have
  • Repicking will now maintain the correct order of that winner (previously it'd move the repick to the bottom)

16th December

Facebook Page Management Improvements

You can now manage your Facebook tabs within the Install tab. Previously you would have to uninstall from within Facebook.

5th December

Shopify Billing

We've added a handy new option to allow you to pay for Gleam using your Shopify account (rather than Credit Card). This also means that if you uninstall the Shopify app it will also cancel recurring payments on your Gleam account.

31st October

Zapier Integration

We've rolled out the BETA of our Zapier integration. This will allow you to sync data from Gleam to any of Zapiers supported providers.

Drip Integration

We now support users that use Drip as their email provider of choice. You can tag users from Gleam and send them straight into your Drip automations from any of our apps.

Both of these Integrations are available on Pro and above.

25th October

Amazon Login

You can now ask users to Login to your campaign via Amazon. Great for businesses that sell on Amazon and want to verify existing customers or for E-commerce businesses who want to ensure a user has an Amazon account.

16th September

Referral Program Update

From today we are removing the Free referral tier from this program and increasing the payouts for the Pro & Business tiers.

Pro: $20 / referral
Business: $50 / referral

Cash payout minimum has changed to $100 and all credit can still be used towards normal plans.

15th September

Event Mode

Today we released a new feature that you can find on your Setup tab if you're using the Business plan called Event Mode.

This will do a few things to make life easier at your event:

  • It will disable our fraud filter so users don't get invalidated or hit with CAPTCHA's
  • Refreshing the page will log the current user out
  • The page will timeout and refresh after 2 minutes of inactivity

14th September

Pixel Tracking

We've rolled out pixel tracking for Pro users and above. We're supporting Adroll, Facebook + Twitter to start.

If you have any suggested providers feel free to let us know!

26th August

Improvements to Bar Captures

We've rolled out some new improvements to the Bar Capture type to allow for more flexibility.

  • You can now select whether the Bar floats on top or on the bottom of the page
  • Bars can now have logos or avatars uploaded (which makes them nice for announcements)
  • There's a few new scroll options to allow you to choose how the bar behaves when the user scrolls on the page (Sticky/Static or Scroll)
  • You can now auto-close the bar after x sections when displaying a thank-you message or trigger a callback

23rd August

Set Max Viral Share Limits

Campaign owners can now set the maximum number of referrals a user is allowed to accumulate on a campaign that contains a Viral Share action.

18th August

Steam Link Block

Early today Steam Community started blocking links from appearing on their site. The reason for this is due to some users had been spamming links on various groups and profiles.

We have contacted Valve, but we are unsure if this is something that can be undone.

Updates to TOS

As a result of these Steam issues we have updated our TOS. We will no longer allow users to:

  • Giveaway game keys purely for the purpose of farming followers for various groups or other social accounts

Steam Actions will also no longer be available on Free plans.

Unfortunately this has gotten out of hand for a few reasons:

  • Some of these groups are actively blackmailing developers for keys
  • Users are required to jump through too many hoops for a simple key
  • Keys for the same games are getting recycled over and over
  • Some of these groups are actively breaking Valve TOS by asking users to vote on Greenlight games
  • Groups are giving away stolen keys that end up being deactivated
  • These campaigns end up eating up to 25% of our resources but drive less than 0.01% of our revenue

We will now actively start disabling Rewards that are used purely for this purpose. We will only allow developers themselves to giveaway their own keys, or approved marketing partners on a case by case basis.

10th August

Facebook Check-in Action

We've launched a brand new action for Business customers which allows you to incentivize Check-ins to a specific location on Facebook.

What can this be used for?

  • Give users that check-in via the widget access to your Wi-fi password
  • Reward loyal customers with extra entries into a Competition
  • Check-in at live events or concerts for additional entries
  • Reward users that have attended a previous event or location

Facebook Check-in Example

Improved Verification For Twitter

If you have your Twitter account connected to Gleam you can do almost any action in a single click, this makes it extremely easy for users to enter campaigns.

We do have plenty of users that don't want to give Gleam access or authenticate our app via Twitter, which is totally fine. We accommodate these users by allowing them to Tweet or Follow via the Twitter Web Intent buttons.

Twitter used to fire a Callback after a Web Intent (Tweet or Follow) had successfully happened. This was great, as we knew that the action had been successfully completed - we just didn't know the details of the actions (@username or Tweet URL).

They recently changed the Callback to fire when any Web Intent button was clicked instead of on completion. This meant that we had no idea when the action was completed, only when it was clicked. This obviously lead to a lot of users just clicking the actions and not completing them at all.

Over the past few months we've been working on a way to validate all Twitter activity to ensure users are completing actions properly.

This update should provide:

  • Better backend data, you should see Tweet URL's for all users now
  • Will reduce spam and users completing actions without doing the required entry methods

Unfortunately Private accounts will now be required to authenticate with Twitter to complete these actions (as we have no other way to verify them).

4th August

SoundCloud Listen Action

We've added a new action that allows you to get users to Listen to your tracks on SoundCloud. This works similar to YouTube in that they need to listen to the end for it to award the entry.

Soundcloud Listen

22nd July

Major Capture Update

This is our first major update to Capture and now means that we'll be moving towards rolling release cycles for this app (similar to what happens with Competitions + Rewards).

If you have existing Captures you'll need to upgrade them to access the new Features. Existing Custom Captures will continue to work, but will need to be re-implemented using the new Templating system to take advantage of new features.

Moving Away From iFrames

The first iteration of Captures loaded each Capture in an iFrame, which for the most part worked well and also meant that there were less potential styling conflicts with the page. This new iteration now loads the Capture natively on your page, which allows more control over how fast they load, how smooth the transitions are, and most importantly.....styling.

Simplified HTML / CSS for Templates

We've simplified the HTML and CSS for all of our existing templates including making them all completely mobile friendly. Doing this will now allow us to easily roll out more templates or variations on a particular style of capture.

It will also allow you to easily make CSS changes to existing Captures (more on that below).

Template / Layout Categories

We've built a new Template and Layout structure so you can filter through which type of Capture you'd like to create. We have a huge range of new Capture types coming in our next update.

Improved Preview Pane

The Preview pane now shows you how your Capture looks at all widths (resize screen to play), along with a handy toggle to show how it looks on mobile devices.

You can also preview all states of your Capture: Before + After

Better Post Completion Controls

When a user completes your Capture you have more fine grained control over what happens. You can now:

  • Change the Capture Image after completion (to show a coupon for example)
  • Set the delay on how long the Capture remains on screen for
  • Trigger a Javascript callback

New CSS Rule Editor

Ever wanted to make a change to an existing template? Well now you can. Our CSS editor allows you to override or customise existing CSS elements in a Capture template to your hearts content.

Custom Captures

We've rolled out a new improved version of Custom Captures that anyone using the BETA can use right away. This allows you to completely design your own Capture form along with CSS + HTML to use inside Gleam.

As an added bonus, Custom Captures are also embeddable!

Embeddable Captures

Popups are fantastic, however inline content forms are also a huge way to convert users into valuable subscribers. You can now convert most Capture types to be embeddable, which means you can embed them inside your content, or sidebars or wherever you want - they will automatically expand to fit the div.

Keep an eye out for more embed specific templates coming real soon.

New Rule Groups

Rather than having one huge group of rules (like in the previous version), you can now chain groups of rules together via an OR statement. This allows you to give more purpose to a single Capture, for example:

  • Show this Capture to Returning users OR Show this Capture to New users that have looked at 30 pages

New Rules

We've added some new snazzy rules for you to play with in this update also.

Schedule: This category has some rules that allow you to schedule when Captures show to a user. This is great for day parting your campaigns, or even scheduling a campaign to start and stop at a specific time or date.

You can also schedule in your local timezone or in the users local timezone. Which means you could always show a Capture at 6pm to someone no matter where in the world they are.

Ad Blocker: This rule detects if the user is using an Ad Blocker and allows you to display a Capture (or not) accordingly.

32 Email Providers + Webhooks Supported

We now support over 30 emails providers to sync up your Captures: Active Campaign, AWeber, BenchmarkEmail, Bronto, Campaigner, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ConvertKit. E-goi, Emma, ExactTarget, GetResponse, Highrise, Hubspot, iContact, Infusionsoft, Klaviyo, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, MailerLite, Mailjet, Marketo, Ontraport, Sailthru, Salesforce, Sendgrid, Sendinblue, Sendy, Silverpop, Unbounce, Vero + Zoho

15th July

New Repeat Action Limits On Plans

We want campaigns to be relevant and exciting for users to participate in, our aim has always been to help businesses to grow by running authentic campaigns that engage their audience.

Unfortunately we are seeing a lot of campaigns with many entry methods that are just abusing the Gleam platform for the purpose of gaining followers across multiple accounts, or requiring users to complete 50+ actions. We feel that this is unnatural and goes against the vision we have for Gleam in the long term and also is generally frowned upon by many of the API partners that we work with.

From today you will only able to add the same action type the following amount of times to a campaign:

  • 2 on Free
  • 5 on Pro
  • 10 on Business

This means for example that you won't be able to add 5 Twitter Follows on the Free plan, or create 7 Custom actions on the Pro plan, or add 25 Twitch Follows on the Business plan.

This change will only affect newly created campaigns, existing campaigns will be allowed to run until their end date. If you need an exception to this rule you will need to submit a support ticket with a valid reason for us to approve.

Terms of Service Updates

We have also updated some aspects of our Terms of Service:

As far as your actual usage of the Services, you shall not (directly or indirectly):

  • Ignore Gleam generated entries by picking an external winner - unless specifically mentioned in your T&C. For example running a Gleam campaign and picking winner via Retweets only, this defrauds users of their entries generated via Gleam.
  • Continually extend the end date of a campaign without users agreeing to terms that allow it;
  • Run a campaign that is purely designed to exchange followers (or other actions) and not for business purposes;

24th June

We've launched another integration with Benchmark Email.

Benchmark Email

17th June

We've launched another two new integrations with email providers.


This integration will replace EmailDirect (which has now been phased out).


27th May

New Disqus Action

We've added a new action for Disqus which allows you to ask users to comment on an article and we'll verify it for an entry.

This action is available on all plans until we release our new pricing.

Check it out:

Disqus Example Competition

SoundCloud Repost Action

We also added a new SoundCloud action which allows you to award entries or rewards to users that repost certain tracks on SoundCloud.

18th May

More Control for Subscribe + Steam Actions

This is a small update to improve the quality of data and reduce noise for campaign owners.


You can now choose to disallow Limited Profiles on Steam from completing any Steam action. Previously throwaway Steam accounts could be used to join groups.


Subscribe actions will now prevent users who have a known bounced email address from completing that action. This means if users are using invalid emails they will be prevented from using this action.

15th May

Upcoming Changes to Instagram Actions

On November 17th, Instagram made changes to their API Policy to disallow direct incentivization of actions in 3rd party apps.

From 1st June the Instagram Follow action and Instagram Like action will no longer be available inside Gleam.

  • Instagram Follow will be replaced with an Instagram Visit action
  • If you have existing Follow actions in your campaign they will automatically be updated to Visit actions
  • If you have existing Like actions in your campaign they will automatically be updated to View actions

Upcoming Changes to Pinterest Actions

We have recently been approved by Pinterest to directly use their API, this means we need to ensure our actions are compliant with their policies.

From 1st June the Pinterest Follow action, Pin Image and Pin from Board actions will no longer be available inside Gleam.

  • Pinterest Follow will be replaced with a Pinterest Visit action
  • Pinterest Pin actions will be removed, this option will be available via the Viral Share action now
  • There will be 4 new actions introduced: Pinterest Entry, Visit on Pinterest, Select a Pin, Create a Board

6th May

Kickstarter + Indiegogo Actions

We understand how important it is to bring attention to your crowdfunding campaigns when using Gleam. Up until now many businesses have been using our Visit action to send users there.

Today we've released a new type of actions (Kickstarter and Indiegogo) that gives much more context to your campaigns and incentivizes the user to visit them.

Have a play below:

Crowdfunding Example

29th April

Self Service Account Management

This has been a pain point for campaign entrants for a long time now, and this update is something we're extremely happy to push :)

You can now click the Edit button beside you name when logged into the widget to manage your: Name, Email + Social Connections

If you have multiple accounts, you may need to completely remove all links in order for them to merge. We do not merge accounts that have one of the same social login type. For example, if you have two accounts both with a Facebook login they won't merge together.

11th March

LinkedIn Actions

We just launched another range of actions for LinkedIn on the Business plan. This allows you to ask users to Follow you Company or Share a Post to your network.

8th March

YouTube Comments

We've just launched the first of a number of new integrations with YouTube. The first is our YouTube Comment action, which allows you to award entries to your Subscribers when they leave a comment on one of your videos.

3rd March

We've just launched an integration with two highly requested email providers.



23rd February

Updates To Rewards

For a long time Rewards have been completely free in terms of how many redeems you can make available. The rise in popularity of Rewards has forced us to make some decisions around limits, this is an interim step before we move to new unit cost pricing for Rewards.

As of today there will now be limits on the number of redeems per campaign on each plan level:

  • Free: 100 Per Campaign
  • Pro: 10k Per Campaign
  • Business: 100k Per Campaign

If you need more than that you are urged to contact sales via the Support link in the sidebar.

We have also pushed some new features to allow you to limit the number of rewards individual users can redeem.

18th February

Post Entry Redirect For Competitions

Competitions has a shiny new feature to play with, you can now redirect users to a location of your choice after all actions have been completed.

Available on Pro plans upwards now.

16th February

New SoundCloud Submit Action

Today we launched a new SoundCloud action that allows users to submit tracks they have uploaded into a contest. This opens up the possibility to run Remix contests 🎛

This action is also fully compatible with our Gallery product so users can view and vote on SoundCloud uploads.

5th February

Viral Share Improvements

We've had a lot of customers asking for these improvements for a long time, so we're excited to finally bring them to you.

  • We've added new sources for sharing: LinkedIn, Whatsapp and SMS
  • Whatsapp and SMS only display on Mobile devices
  • You can now edit the custom email template inside the Viral Share action
  • You can also add a custom share image (which overrides the Prize image which is usually used)
  • Viral Share now also auto expands if it's the last entry method remaining to be completed

4th February

Snapchat Snapcodes

Gleam campaigns now support the ability to ask users to Follow you on Snapchat or snap your Snapcode. This action is also built specifically to optimise the flow for Desktop vs Mobile.


The action will show a picture of your Snapcode and allow users to snap it from the screen before contuining.


On mobile the action will deep-link users into the Snapchat app getting them to auto follow you.

Live Example

Snapchat Example Campaign

14th January

Enter With Actions

We're pleased to announce the release of a new set of actions - Enter With.

Enter With has a simple concept, it allows you to award entries into your campaigns when users Login with a specific type of social network.

This has quite a few benefits:

  • It allows you to identify the user more easily
  • Previously you would not get access to social profile data until a user had completed 1 action of a specific type from that Network. Enter actions do both.

One change in particular is that we're starting to introduce more two step actions. The Enter With Facebook action also allows you to optionally ask the user to Like a Page.

This particular action can be interchanged with Facebook Visit quite easily.

  • It doesn't make sense to make users Visit your Facebook Page if the contest is already on Facebook or in a Facebook tab, the Enter action keeps users on the widget and improves conversion rates

We hope you like the new additions 😎

24th November

Issues With Links - Resolved

We are currently experiencing a DNS outage for our domain that we use to power Viral Share links. The outage appears to be impacting all .nr domains.

This means that Viral Links created in the past may not be resolving for users trying to access them. We are waiting on resolution from the DNS Operations team that control the .nr TLD.

In the meantime you can enable your integration under Settings > Integrations to get around this problem.

Keep an eye out on Twitter for updates.

23rd November

Webhooks (Beta)

We've rolled out the initial stages of our support for Webhooks. This allows you to send data from Subscribe actions (including custom fields) to your own specified endpoint.

It's currently in BETA for Business customers, just submit a support ticket.

Multi-page Custom Field Separator

You can now split the User Details form up into multiple steps if you want to capture certain details from a campaign.

Step 1 - User Details

Step 2 - Custom Fields

9th November

We've made available 2 new button types for the Tab Install in Competitions. You can see one in action on our Competitions page.

29th October

New WYSIWYG Action Builder

We just released a visual builder for creating content inside actions (and a few other places like terms & conditions). This also comes with a bonus button generator which supports the usual Font Awesome icons 😎

27th October

Improved Facebook Visit Action

We've improved our Facebook Visit action to function in a similar way to our Google+ Visit.

This now means that it's a two step process:

  • User Visits Facebook Page
  • Has the chance to Optionally Like the Page or click Continue.

New Media Submit Action

Up until now submitting media from different social sources required multiple actions. We've listened to customers who want a flexible consolidated media submit action.

Facebook + Twitter Photo Submit Improvements

Facebook Photo submit actions now function more like Instagram and Twitter by pulling in the last 21 photos to select from. Facebook Photo Submit now also supports #hashtag filtering too.

We've also increased the number of historical Twitter messages we'll scan looking for images.

Photo Duplicate Checking

All media submit actions now have duplicate photo checking, we were seeing issues were users could submit the same image over and over again.

Photo Captions

Upload actions now support the ability to allow users to add a Caption to their photo.

This caption will also flow through to Galleries.

25th September

Improved Interval Options For Photo Submit + Import Actions

Up until recently you could only allow users to submit a single photo or submit a photo daily. This works well for widget based submissions but is not ideal when you're importing data from #hashtags.

We've improved this to allow you to choose how often you'd like users to be able to submit a photo, this will also propagate to the #hashtag import part of the action:

  • Once will only pull in the first #hashtag from that user we find
  • Hourly will pull in the first #hashtag that we find in the hour
  • Daily will pull in the first #hashtag we find from that day
  • Unlimited will pull in all images for all users

21st September

6 New Email Providers

We've added support for 6 new email providers, they work will all campaign types.

10th August

MailerLite Integration

We've added MailerLite to our list of supported email providers. Works on all campaigns including Competitions, Rewards and Captures.

7th August

Unexpected Outage Postmortem

At 3.55am AEST we started getting notifications of degraded performance across our network. Then suddenly, everything stopped working, none of our servers were talking to one another.

As a startup this is your worst nightmare, entire systems just failing during the middle of the night without explanation. We are actually prepared for this scenario with redundant failovers of systems.

But this was different, all our hardware was completely fine. For some reason none of the servers were able to communicate with each other.

After some back and forth with the datacenter we were notified that some upstream network hardware in the datacenter failed, which had completely killed the internal network. So our servers could accept information from the outside, but not transmit it internally (when you have 20+ servers this is a fairly serious problem). We waited for them to replace the hardware and restore the network which happened at 4.41am AEST.

We're sincerely sorry for what happened this morning, even 1 minute of downtime is unacceptable for us.

6th August

Backend UI Updates

We've added a few features to improve the backend UI experience, particularly when it comes to accessing or dealing with larger amounts of data.

Multi-select Rows + Filtering Improvements

We've improved the ability to filter and manipulate data in tables across the app. This means you can delete actions in bulk, invalidate them and even moderate images in bulk inside Galleries.

Users Page Filtering

You can not also filter your users page by campaigns, this means you can see a rollup of total activity by user (and also export it).

Exporting at a campaign level will also export the Viral Share URL incase you need to do a mid-campaign blast or update to users asking them to share again.

21st July

New URL Shortening Engine

You may not be aware but for a long time we were exclusively using to shorten links inside campaigns. made some changes earlier in the year that started limiting accounts to 10k shortens a month, a limit that we would use up in about 10 minutes.

We still allow you to use your own account under Settings > Integrations, however we needed a solution to shorten links for everyone.

Today we're pleased to announce the rollout of, our short domain for campaigns. It's even shorter than, and what's more we don't need to worry about any limits now.

It'll be on by default on any campaign, unless of course you activate the integration.


5th July

Backend Dashboard Improvements

We've made some backend changes to improve how fast campaign stats are displayed in the backend. No more waiting for stats to load, should be instantenous now (even on large campaigns with Millions of entries).

3rd July

Improved Choosing Winners

We've pushed some updates to make the process of picking winners for your giveaways much easier. In the past it was a 3 step process to revoke each invalid winner (which sucked).

  • You can pick winners without needing to refresh the page (wow!)
  • Can repick a winner in a single click now.
  • You can also revoke winners in a single click.


4th June

Google+ Updates - New Visit Action

We've made some changes to bring our Google+ action more in line with the Facebook Visit action and Google's guidelines. It's now a two step process.

Once you complete the visit part of the action the user can optionally +1 your page or follow your page. You can choose which secondary action you would like the user to take during setup.

16th May

New Custom Email Builder

8th May

Steam Actions

1st May

Additional Contestant Details Editor

23rd April

Eventbrite Integration

Updated Icon Picker With 600+ Icons

22nd April

Auto Expanding Actions

We've push an update to widgets that will now auto expand the first action for both competitions & rewards if:

  • There's only 1 action
  • If there's only 1 mandatory action

This allows for a much cleaner user experience (and also allows you to draw attention to a particular action first).

2nd April

Tumblr Actions

New actions added for Tumblr, available for Pro users.

16th February 2015

Teams (Beta)

We have a new feature that's going live in beta for select customers today. Invite users from your organisation or agency to manage campaigns with the new Teams feature.

16th January 2015

Hashtag Entry Import (Beta)

We now allow you to import photo entries into campaigns from:

  • Twitter hashtags
  • Instagram hashtags
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook page tags

Business users will notice extra options below the Submit Photo From action types.

15th January 2015

Mailchimp Groups

You can now send subscribers in campaigns to specific Mailchimp groups during integration setup. This works on all campaign types.

15th January 2015

Gallery App (Beta)

We have re-released our Gallery app, which now includes beautiful gallery embedding and also the ability to pull in images via social sources. More info our our social gallery page.

You can check some example galleries on Loot Crate and Beardbrand.

22nd December 2014

Silverpop Integration

New email provider added: Silverpop

Silverpop will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

16th December 2014

Highrise Integration

New CRM provider added: Highrise

Highrise will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

15th December 2014

Sendy Integration

New email provider added: Sendy

Sendy will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

12th December 2014

ExactTarget Integration

New email provider added: ExactTarget

ExactTarget will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

8th December 2014

Twitter Entry Fallbacks

Some of the verification that we use for Tweets do not work in some native apps (ironically the Twitter App), we also have never catered for people that Tweeted outside our widget but still wanted to claim their entries.

Now users can input the URL of a Tweet into the action, this will appear in your Details column for verification.

This is currently enabled for the Tweet & Hashtag Twitter action methods.

3rd December 2014

Non-Email Capture Type

This is a big update for Capture that allows you to popup Captures that do not ask for emails, but instead allow messages to be displayed or to redirect users elsewhere.

This has a number of great uses:

  • Letting users know about your special offers on certain pages
  • Letting users know from certain countries that you ship to them
  • Displaying messages inside your add about new features
  • Forwarding users to signup for a membership
  • Alerting users about anything going on

As you can see there's thousands of potential applications for this feature, we hope you enjoy using it :)

2nd December 2014

iContact Integration

New email provider added: iContact

iContact will work will all existing apps, including Capture.

26th November 2014

Show Tweet URL in Details Column

If we know the URL when someone Tweets within Gleam we'll now show it in the Details column when browsing actions.

18th November 2014

Language Updates

All existing languages brought up to date with new features.

Danish & Norwegian languages have been added.

12th November 2014

Capture App (Beta)

We have released our Capture app, which allows you to capture and send email to over 21 email providers using advanced behavioural rules on your website. More info our our email capture page.

11th November 2014

User Profiles

We're now starting to allow deeper drilling into individual user data. You'll be able to see which users have entered which competitions & how they are connected to your site.

Here's an example test user with some information:

We will continue to improve this page over time.

16th October 2014

Added Vero As An Email Provider

You can now tag your emails in Vero from Gleam campaigns.

15th October 2014

Responsive Sidebar

When the screen width gets below a 1000px you'll start to see a reduced width sidebar to improve user experience on smaller screens.

14th October 2014

Inline Help Inside App

You can now load help articles from within the app by clicking on the ? icons next to any fields.

13th October 2014

Feature Image Now in Promote Emails

If you're a Business user that uses our promote functionality then you're in for a treat. Your feature images will now show when you promote to existing entrants.

7th October 2014

New Facebook Visit Action

This action update is to comply the the new Facebook changes due on 5th November.

The visit action now gives entries into a competition for visiting a Facebook page, asking users to Like the page is completely optional.

Simplified Visit Action

We've now added a new default option to the Visit action, this should make it easier for it to setup. The advanced HTML option still exists for users more comfortable with HTML.

15th September 2014

Automatic Entry After Login First

Previously if you had login first enabled on a competition users wouldn't get an entry for logging in. They would still have to complete an action afterwards.

Enabling automatic entry when setting up a contest with login first will now give users an entry for filling out their details.

1st September 2014

New Email & CRM Providers

We're continuing to roll out more support for email providers:

21st August 2014

YouTube + Twitch Widget Layouts

We've added 2 more layouts to the widget aimed at broadcasters on YouTube & Twitch.

This update allows you to run a contest live whilst broadcasting, or create a video to walk users through your giveaway & plug your sponsors :)

10th August 2014

New Email Providers

We've added a number of new supported email providers (with more on the way):

3rd August 2014

Improved Widget Layout

You now have the ability to select from multiple widget prize layouts when setting up competitions or rewards.

  • Text only
  • Small image + text
  • Feature image
  • Feature image + text
  • Feature image + campaign name + text

Reward Emails

Up until this point claimed rewards were never emailed to users, well if your reward now ticks the capture contact details box we will send out an email once the reward is successfully claimed.

Custom Reward Emails

This change above also means that you can use the the custom HTML emails on the Post Entry tab to send out a custom email when a reward is redeemed.

Just note that if you require users to virally refer friends the email will not go out until they have successfully referred enough friends that also complete at least 1 action.

28th July 2014

Minimum Age

We've added a number of different ways to ensure users are over a specific age range before entering any of your campaigns. You'll find this option as a dropdown during the first step of setup.

  • 13+
  • 18+
  • 21+

You can allow users to enter their birthdate with US or Rest of the world date configuration, or you can allow it to be a checkbox.

24th July 2014

Facebook Install Rework

We've completely reworked our Facebook install for competitions & rewards.

You can now:

  • Install to multiple pages
  • Install up to 3 tabs on the 1 page
  • Share your installation with partners
  • Name the tab created
  • Replace/remove existing tabs

21st July 2014

Gallery Rework

The Gallery app has had some improvements:

  • You can now vote on entries
  • Sorting improvements
  • Improved layout options
  • Facebook install for Galleries

15th July 2014

New Pinterest Board Action

This update sees the additional of a new Pinterest action type. This allows you to ask users to pin images from a board of your choice onto their own custom board as an action.

13th July 2014

German & French Languages

We've added two long awaited languages to the widget. Pro users can now select French & German.

7th July 2014

Infrastructure Upgrade

This is a big update that the team have been working on for a while. As Gleam has been growing we need to ensure we have enough capacity to continue that growth into the future.

This infrastructure update sees us move to load balanced setup that has multiple failover options for frontend servers & backend services.

We estimate this particular setup should allow us to grow for at least another 2 years.

30th June 2014

Advanced Competition Tab (Beta)

We rolled out the first version of our advanced competition tab. This feature is only available to business users.

Widget Text Overrides

This update allows users to update any text within the widget in any language. This would allow you to add translations for you own language, or just change a field to make it work for your particular campaign.

unlock_heading_plural: "<i class=icon-lock></i> You can get %{count} more entries"
notify_other: "Sign me up to the weekly comp email, thanks (optional)"

Custom Additional Fields

Additional fields allow you to capture more information from users during your campaign.

Additional User Details Demo

Custom Emails

This is a very raw first version of custom emails allowing you to add your own raw HTML of the entry completion email, if you want to add images or external content then you must host it yourself on Dropbox or your own file server.

Rewards Updates

29th June 2014

Filtering of Questions or Custom Actions

On your reporting screen you can now filter by questions or custom actions, this is a much needed feature for competitions that require a game of skill to enter. It saves you having to page through thousands of entries looking for the answers to your questions.

28th June 2014

Example Campaigns & Templates

We've started creating lots of example templates that you can view on the competition & rewards campaign pages.

Simply choose any template that you want to emulate & you can copy it - then make your own adjustments :)

28th June 2014

Viral Share Email Support

You can now allow users to automatically create an email with a prefilled viral share link :)

Automatic Competition Popup

We've added some new options to our overlay popup that allow you to automatically show the competition to users when they first visit your site, or show it to them as they're about to leave.

4th May 2014

Galleries v1.0

We're very happy to announce the first release of our Gallery app, this will allow you to showoff any photo or media uploaded to your competitions in a gallery.

  • Must be linked to a competition
  • If linked to an active competitions users can enter from the gallery
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Business plan users can edit styles using custom CSS
  • Moderation is available, you can choose to approve images before they show
  • Galleries can be embedded anywhere

You'll see additional functionality come to galleries over the coming months, including voting, hashtag inclusion & more :)

Twitter Tweet Length

Previously we threw up validation errors when your Tweets were too long. Now you get to see a live preview of tweet length (including the link) so you know what room you have to play with.

24th April 2014

Wordpress Plugin v1.0

We just released v1.0 of our Wordpress competition plugin that allows you to use a shortcode to add competitions to your blog posts without having to paste in any Gleam embed code.

14th April 2014

Multiple Language Support

We have painstakingly moved every phrase in the Gleam widget into an easily translatable format, this allows us to add new languages quickly.

Business users now have the ability to choose the widget language in a dropdown when creating the campaign.

Current supported languages:

30th March 2014

Instagram Hashtag Verification

We added the ability to restrict images submitted from Instagram to a certain hashtag. This allows you to align your contest with other Hashtag related promotions or advertising you have running.

22nd March 2014

Twitch Integration

We added some new entry methods for users that stream on Twitch. You can now run competitions & ask users to enter by logging in with Twitch or by following your channel.

16th March 2014

Login First Released

You can now opt to ask for users to login to Gleam before seeing the entry methods to your competition. This is a fantastic feature if you have a lot of entry methods specific to a certain type of network, or you want to get the user logged in before they can see your competition.

15th March 2014

Instagram Video Support

We now support Instagram videos across all Instagram action types. This means you can choose a video to upload as a contest entry or allow users to like a video.

14th March 2014

FullScreen Integration

Today we have released an integration for FullScreen creators to use the Gleam platform for competitions within YouTube.

7th March 2014

Improved Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection filter now runs in real-time which means that invalid entries won't make it into your user database or get sent to any email providers.

5th March 2014

Disable Like Gate

Pro & Business users can now completely disable the Like Gate if required. This means Facebook users that click on your tab would get taken straight through to the contest (rather than the Like Gate).

4th March 2014

Added MX Check & Bad Email Check to Fraud Filter

We now do a number of checks to validate a domain or email address exists. We've built a number of rules to prompt users to correct mispelled domains also (i.e.

3rd March 2014

Search Entries on Pro

We have now given Pro users the ability to search through entry/action data on any campaign.

20th February 2014

Ask Questions on Visit Actions

You now have the ability to ask a user a question after they complete a visit action, this means you could ask them a question about the page they just visited.

16th February 2014

YouTube Subscribe Action

You now have the ability to ask a user a question after they complete a visit action, this means you could ask them a question about the page they just visited.

11th February 2014

User Export

You can now export a complete list of your users, including relevant information to CSV from your users area.

10th February 2014

Entry Archive

There's now an additional option to archive existing entries when picking winners for your contests. This means that once you pick winners, you can essentially reset the data to 0 again. Useful when running ongoing contests so you don't have to create a new one every time.

5th February 2014

Campaign Monitor Integration

Another integration added, you can now instantly send users from contests to any Campaign Monitor list that you want!

1st February 2014

Agency Platform Released

We now offer a completely white label solution for agencies that want to run Gleam on their own domain.

30th January 2014

First Name & Last Name Parsing

We now automatically parse out the first name & last name from entrants so it accurately can get sent to email providers in a consistant format.

23th January 2014

Post Action Tracking Pixels

Business & Agency clients now have the ability to trigger a tracking pixel after specific actions are fired. Useful if you use 3rd party tracking tools or retargeting pixels.

14th January 2014

Custom Fields

You can now add any multitude of additional fields when capturing information from users during signup. Available on the Business plan & upwards.

14th December 2013

Improved Reporting

We have completely improved our reporting dashboard to include all the important information you need from campaigns. Including a timelines of impressions, actions & clicks.

Lazy Tabs

Browsing between tabs within the app is now much smoother & more fluid.

13th December 2013

Referral Program

You can now earn credit or cash for referring users to Gleam. We automatically include your referral link in any Gleam branding within the app, so you can now earn referrals even for people clicking through from your contest widget.

9th December 2013

Facebook Smart Links

After installing Gleam to any tab on Facebook, we generate a smart link that sends users to the right landing page based on what device they are using.

5th December 2013

Like Gate Auto Triggers Widget Like

If you have a contest installed on Facebook with a Facebook action too then when a user comes through the Like Gate we will automatically verify the like within the widget also.

30th November 2013

Shopify Integration

Today we launched our official integration with Shopify, you can install Gleam from within your store admin & start building your business with action based marketing :)

23rd November 2013 Integration

You can now connect your account to Gleam, this means that we will use your account to shorten all viral referral links that we create. This will also work if you have completely custom branded links.

22nd November 2013

Custom Facebook App For Viral Share

You can now tell Gleam to use your own custom Facebook app for our Viral Share action type. This means that users will see you brand name when sharing (and not Gleam).

14th November 2013

Upload Action Type

We have added a new action type for business users that allows you to upload any media you want directly from the widget. This includes videos & images (you can specify the required formats).

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