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20th February

Wistia Watch Video Action

We've added a new Action that allows you to incentivize users to watch any of your videos hosted on Wistia.

Facebook View Post Action

We've added a new Action in the Facebook category that allows you to draw attention to a specific Facebook post.

15th February

Secret Code Action

We've added a new Action for Business users that allow you to award entries to users when they enter a secret code. This can be a unique code or a CSV of codes.

Business allows you to use up to 50k secret codes per campaign, if you have more than that just contact us for a quote.


  • Password protect a campaign
  • Run a treasure hunt
  • Validate OrderID's
  • Validate numbers from Printable Coupons or Flyers
  • Incentivise users to in-store to get a code for more entries

Secret Code Example

9th February

Promote Action

We've added a new action for Pro + Business users that allows you to either:

  • Promote another one of your campaigns
  • Promote a partners campaign

The action will check that the user has entered the Promoted campaign before awarding any entries.

8th February

New Customer Slack Channel

We've launched a new Slack Channel called Gleam Users for customers. You'll see a notification in your account to get an invite 😎

In the channel you'll be able to:

  • Chat with Gleam Staff
  • Share tips & tricks on how to improve your campaigns
  • Get updated on new product changes or features first
  • Collaborate with other Gleam customers on campaigns

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