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19th January 2021

Instant Terms & Conditions

Gleam introduces instant Terms & Conditions feature

Gleam now automatically generates ready-to-publish, globally compliant and personalised Terms & Conditions for Competitions on all plans.

Terms are generated using our dynamic universal template and details from your campaign. This gives you a hassle-free way of generating Terms & Conditions and running compliant campaigns without extra effort.

Instant terms & conditions are available to users on all plans, with the option of including additional details and clauses.

Fully custom Terms & Conditions are available to users on the Hobby plan or above.

Changes to Prize Setup

We have added a new Prize Details section to the Prize tab for Competitions setup that allows you to list what prizes you are giving away, how many winners will receive each prize, and optionally the value of each prize.

Configure prize details in Competitions setup

This makes it easier for you to draw winners for campaigns with multiple prizes, and helps us automatically generate Terms & Conditions for your Competition.

Multiple winners & prizes are available to users on all plans.

This change will not affect how prizes are displayed on the public-facing widget, the entrant's visual experience will remain the same.

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