QR Code Coupon

QR Code Coupon

Get visitors to scan QR codes and sign up with email to unlock coupons.

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QR Code Discount Coupons are an incredibly powerful tool for retaining your visitors and patrons as leads and incentivising instant sales.

With this easy, customisable template you can display QR codes around your store, and when people scan them they will be taken to a landing page where they can sign up to your email list to unlock an instant discount code.

When someone visits your store you don't want them to leave empty handed and with these coupons you won't only encourage them to make a purchase, you'll also be able to convert them into an email subscriber who you can reach out to with future offers, promotions and deals to encourage them to come back to your store time and time again.

Scan this QR Code to see just how easy it is!

QR Code For Capture Template


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Customise Your Design

You can completely customise your coupon’s size, text, images, colours and more. You can even completely revamp its look with different Layouts & Variations.

➡ Learn How to Customise Your Capture's Design

Add Your Coupons

You will need to add coupon codes to your Capture for users to unlock. You can add a single code that will be given to everyone who completes your Capture, or you can add as many unique codes as you would like.

➡ Learn How to Add Your Coupons

Connect Email Integrations

You will need to connect your coupon to your email provider integration so that when users sign up they will be sent right to your email list.

➡ Learn How to Connect Your Email Provider

Displaying Your QR Code

You will need to display your Capture's unique QR Code so that patrons can scan it to access your coupon unlock Capture. You can find the QR code in your Capture's preview tab.

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QR Code Coupon Business

QR Code Coupon

Get visitors to scan QR codes and sign up with email to unlock coupons.

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